Jeremiah Petite

Jeremiah Petite

Work History

Work History

Jul 2011 - Present

Logistics Clerk - Dock Worker

Central Freight Lines

Central freight hired me as a dock worker and forklift operator,  however, due to my logistics and computer background I was transferred to an office clerk position within the year.   I am fully trained in multiple clerk/warehouse positions and I still maintain my forklift operator certification as well as the rest of my warehouse qualifications.

Jan 2009 - Jan 2011

Shop Hand - Administration

Dale's Grinding

I started at Dale's Grinding as a shop hand who helped with shop upkeep and operations.  My role was eventually expanded to include administrative duties such as order completions, parts inventory and customer relations.

Oct 2004 - Oct 2008

Logistics Specialist 3rd Class, NCO

United States Navy

As an LS I was responsible for in house squadron logistics as well as the management and expedition of supplies and resources all over the globe to our various combat theaters in order to maintain 100% combat readiness.  I was the sole representative the squadron sent to Norfolk, VA  as a classified expediter due to my security clearance and qualifications.  I received multiple merits and honors fulfilling this billet before completing my enlistment and being honorably discharged.


Feb 2009 - Sep 2015

Associate of Science in Computer Programming

Riverside City College

As a part-time student I am in the process of completing the final 9 credits for my degree in Computer Programming. 



Technical Skills

I am an enthusiastic learner in the workplace, and will capitalize on any opportunities available to further my job efficiency.  At my current place of employ, I have successfully trained in four different positions and am frequently called upon as a flex worker to supplement or cover any of those positions.

Self Management Skills

I hold myself accountable for my actions and have a keen eye for attention to detail.  I am a great self starter and possess the time management skills to get the job done expediently and correctly. 

Communication and Leadership

My time in the service taught me the value of communication and teamwork in the workplace with individuals from all sorts of diverse backgrounds.  By my time of military separation I was a non-comissioned officer with leadership responsibilities among my fellow shipmates.  I am also moderately proficient with Spanish as a second language.