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Work experience


Broadcast Designer

Maryland Public Television

For in-house production of MotorWeek, create animated segment titles, show opens, lower-third graphics, special features, moving presentations of graphs and/or statistical data and illustrations.

Under the Creative Services department, the bulk of my work involve producing program opens:

- submission of 3 logo/title design proposals done in either Illustrator and/or Photoshop

- the chosen design will then be exported and animated in Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion

- if needed, a separate 3D animation is created using Lightwave 3D

- voiceover and scoring is layered in

- final composited output is a Quicktime movie submitted to the editor

Likewise, I design other program elements like lower thirds, special lead-in transitions, animated illustrations, animated bugs, rotoscoping and promo sponsorships.

Other creative duties include:

- animated flash or still graphics for clients of MPT's website

- print production posters, flyers, brochures

- DVD covers and labels

- scanning slides, books and photos

- photo retouching


Creative Director

Associated Broadcasting Company

The title has changed, but I basically performed the same functions as my previous position of Division Chief (see below). This time I reported directly to the VP for Creative Services.


Assistant Vice-President

Citynet Television Incorporated

- Reporting directly to the President, I administered the operations of the Merchandising Division and its managers for the Copy, Art and Audio-Visual departments

- Plotted the station's seasonal, special and episodic campaigns

- Played a strong role in supporting the marketing initiatives of Citynet’s Sales Division


Division Chief

Associated Broadcasting Company

- Reported directly to the Manager of the Merchandising department,

- Assist the Manager with the day-to day department operations

- Assist the Manager with submission of annual budget proposals

- Plotted the station's annual promotional and seasonal campaigns in coordination with the Sales department

- Handled the creative and administrative needs of 24 departmental staff that include 4 section supervisors: Copy, Art, Audio-Visual and Post-Production

- If the Manager is unavailable, attend Program Committee meetings

- Liaison inter-departmental creative, technical and administrative requirements

- In-charge of final quality check and approval for airing of all promo materials produced

Despite the administrative duties, I continued to contribute to the creative process by producing:

- program opens

- post-production of TV promos

- 2D/3D animations

- logo designs

- writing promo scripts

- storyboards

- illustrations

- sales flyers/brochures

- design posters and billboards

- directed electronic field productions


Department Manager

Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation

This was my first exposure to television work and immediately got hooked! Here, I ran the whole gamut of creative and administrative positions:

- Graphic Artist/Illustrator

- AV Editor

- AV Supervisor

- Post-Production Designer

- Post-Production Supervisor

- Department Manager

In producing special program promotions, I directed several remote field productions that included actors/actresses with a crew composed of a cameraman, an audioman, a lightman and production assistants.

I also serviced the art requirements of various shows of the News and Production departments. These included children's illustrations, shadow puppets, news segment graphics titles, props requirements, set design, live operation of character generators and computer animations.



Bachelor of Fine Arts

University of the Philippines

- College Scholar

- Class President, Junior and Senior years

- Thesis grade of 1.25 or "Excellent" (equivalent to 3.75)


Certificate of Fine Arts

University of the Philippines


Apple Motion
Adobe Flash
Freehand Illustration
MS Office
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Illustrator
Newtek Lightwave 3D
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects

Graphics Archive

Graphics Archive

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Video Still Frames:

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--- Super March --- Teledates --- The Vote 1 --- The Vote2 --- The Vote3 --- The Vote4 --- The Vote5 

--- Vote Wisely --- Y2k --- 3D House


--- Draw Conrad --- Draw Joseph --- Draw Kids --- Draw Pat --- Draw Teresa


The creative process is my life's passion, I feed on it's infinite potential.

Current Graphic Artist for MotorWeek, a nationally televised Emmy award-winning program for car enthusiasts. "Television's longest running and most respected automotive series."

Designed/animated show open, transitions and graphics for Eatin' Crabcakes: The Best I Ever Had! 

2009 Emmy Awards winner, category: Chesapeake Heritage, Program/Special

2007 Emmy Awards nominee for 2 categories: Program Promotion Campaign and Graphics for Maryland Generations: The War, a documentary on World War 2 veterans.

2006 Emmy Awards judge for Broadcast Design/Graphics Animation category.

Designed and animated graphics for"Eatin' Crabcakes: The Best I Ever Had" 2009 EMMY Award winner, Program/Special category.

Designed and animated graphics for "On the Trail of Captain John Smith: Rediscovering the Chesapeake Bay," recently awarded the 2008 CINE Golden Eagle Award, History category.

Designed and animated graphics for "Eatin' Crabs, Chesapeake Style," 2008 EMMY Award winner, Programs category.

Designed program title for "Foster Care Stories, A Place To Be," 2008 EMMY Awards nominee, Community Service category.

Designed and animated graphics for "Chesapeake Bay Volunteerathon," 2007 EMMY Awards nominee, Special Events category.

More than 25 years of experience in creative services for television.

Created hundreds of art pieces for 2D/3D broadcast design and animation, audio-video editing, print and web graphics, logo design and freehand Illustration.

More 2D/3D Animations