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Currently employed as a San Diego City Parks & Rec Recreational Leader I. 

Have a B.S. In Business Administration with a focus in management.

Seeking promising career with upward movement.

Work experience

Sep 2007Present

Recreational Leader I

City of San Diego

 Recreation Leader I:

  • Plan, organize, and teach recreation classes
  • Plan and organize special activities/events
  • Prepare publicity
  • Distribute and maintain equipment
  • Maintain discipline & enforce regulations
  • Ensure the safety of recreation center patrons
  • Administer first aid & supervise the use and ensure the security of the facility
  • Provide information to the public
  • Register participants in classes
  • Maintain records & assist in the preparation of reports
  • Perform general maintenance work
  • Collect fees


Sep 2008Present

BS Business Administration

San Diego State University

Enriching classes:

  • Business Ethics [BA 300]
  • Management & Organization Behavior [MGT 350]
  • Rhetoric & Writing Systems [RWS 100/200/305]
  • Oral & Business Communications [COMM 103/IDS 290]


High School Basketball Team Captain Recreational Leader I
Utilized Microsoft Access for Information Technology course Proficient at creating tables and reports
Word Processor
Proficient at typing (70-80 wpm) Utilize Microsoft Word on a daily basis
Utilized Microsoft Excel for several courses Utilize spreadsheets at work for different tasks


Marcy Aguilar

Marcy Aguilar is my current Center Director at my home site of Hilltop Recreation Center. I have been working with her for two years. She oversees scheduling staff, accounting processes related with rentals, as well as handling financial transactions.

James Collins

Mr. Collins is the head athletic trainer for the San Diego Chargers and has been very supportive of my endeavors throughout my highschool and college careers.

Alex Davis

Alex Davis has advised me since I was young. He was my basketball coach for several years and he is currently one of my supervisors. He oversees scheduling staff, accounting processes related with rentals, while planning and organizing City events.