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I have a passion for athletics overall, but where most of my passion lies is within baseball. I also have a passion for molding young athletes into productive members of society. I really enjoy teaching the fundamentals of baseball as well as the fundamentals of life.


Throughout my years, there have been few things that have remained. Those things are God, Family, Hard Work, Helping Others, and Sports. I have participated in all these things since I was a child learning from my family and church members. My family has taught me that with God, Family, and Hard Work, a person can achieve anything that they set their minds to. While teaching me these valuable lessons, they also taught me that many life lessons can be learned by playing sports. After so many years playing baseball, football, and basketball, I have learned many things from great people that I would like to pass on to younger athletes. I want to be able to teach them the fundamentals of sports while teaching the fundamentals of life. With the low rate of athletes going into the professional ranks, the most important thing is teaching young athletes how to become productive members of society.  

Work experience


Aug 2009Present

Hardin-Simmons University


I am a very good communicator both verbally and nonverbally. I am able to communicate what I want with others and am able to understand what others want of me. I am good at communicating to individuals as well as with large groups.