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I got my first computer on 1984, when I was sixteen, since then my life has passed with a computer in front of me. I've been programmer, project manager, architect, etc... almost anything you can be working with computers.

I've been involved in software development groups since 1995. Apart from a deep expertise over the years in different technologies and development paradigms (Client/Server, Web, Java, Visual Basic, ...) I also have the experience in managing teams and project management. Right now I'm working in a more strategic role, managing technology in a more holistic way, not only related with development. My team is in charge of defining the technological strategy that will move us into our future state as defined by our business partners.

Work experience

Jul 2008Present

European IT Six Sigma Champion

Eli Lilly & CO

Since July 2008 I left the regional Solution Center and since them I'm in charge of the Six Sigma organization with three Black Belts reporting to me

Jan 2008Present

European Innovations Manager

Eli Lilly & CO

Since the beggining of 2008 I'm in charge of the new European Innovations Team. The idea of this group is to create prototypes quickly to test new business concepts.

Jan 2012Present


Visure Solutions

In charge of all the technological decisions, managing the R&D team, the development group and the product architecture

Jan 2005Nov 2010

European Architecture Manager

Eli Lilly & CO

Responsible for a virtual and multicultural team formed by eight persons distributed among the European countries.

The team was in charge of defining the solution for all the IT projects that the company makes in Europe, following the company standards and trying to increase coherence, reuse and reducing maintenance cost.

Definition of future strategy through the Future State Architecture that we created together with the business.

This team was part of the global Enterprise Architecture organization that was in charge of defining the evolution and the management of the whole technology infrastructure of the company.
Jun 2007Jun 2008

European Solution Center Manager

Eli Lilly & CO

Since June I'm also in charge of the group that makes all the developments and projects in Europe

Nov 2001Dec 2004

Solution Delivery Team Leader

Eli Lilly & CO
Responsible of the team that was in charge of all the developments done for Spain
Jan 1999Oct 2001

Developers Team Manager

Ericsson Spain
Responsible of the team of developers (more or less 30 people)
Jan 1996Dec 1998

IT dept. Subdirector

Responsible of the team in charge of developments and support.


Sep 1993Sep 1995

Ingeniero Técnico

UCM - Universidad de Castilla la Mancha


Used as part of my time as programmer
Portfolio Management
As part of my job as architect I've been managing exercises for portfolio rationalization, portfolio value assessment and I'm the owner of the process to manage the current portfolio of solutions
Visual Basic (several versions)
From Clipper I moved to Visual Basic and I also spent several years doing system in VB.
Clipper programming language
I've programmed more than 200.000 lines of code with Clipper, more than 40.000 in just one big system.
Z-80 assembler
I learnt Z-80 assembler language through a series of articles in a computer magazine and ended up making my own games 100% in assembler for my ZX Spectrum computer
Enterprise architecture