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Work experience

Oct 2005Present

General Manager/Operating Partner

Global Fitness Holdings

Oversee and operate 55,000 square foot health club facility.  Directly supervise 30+ employees in sales department, customer service, tanning operations, playroom, personal training department, and facility operations.  Primary responsibilities devoted to maximizing profit margins through new membership sales/marketing, sales and customer service training, and member retention. 

Rapidly promoted within the organization and recognized as a top performer within the company.  Assisted in developing tracking systems that have since been enhanced to show production patterns & trends by the Executive Team.  This system is now used in every facility in the company and the report is viewed by the CEO, COO, and Senior VP's to monitor production and closing percentages.

·Consistently achieve over 100% of sales quotas

·Rapidly promoted

·Recognized as a Top Performer

·Lead and develop sales team

·Responsible for over $3 million in annual revenue

·Directly increased annual revenue over $60,000 in 2006

·Directly increased annual revenue by $100,698 in 2007

·Consistent Sales Contest Winner 2nd and 3rd Qtr 2008 ($1,200 vacation, $500 Visa card)

·Recent overall Annual Sales Performances:

2007 - 103%, 104%, 102%

2008 - 98%, 106%, 97%

Honors & Awards:

Most Consistent Player Award, December 2006.

  *Hit 20 of 24 sales goals (83%)

Best Overall Manager in Southern Region, December 2007.

  *Award voted by Corporate Office Executive Staff and department heads

  *Voted Best Overall Manager out of more than 30 candidates

  *Hit 10 of 12 EFT Goals (83%) 

  *Hit 10 of 12 SAR Goals (83%)

Executive Incentive Program, 2007.

  *Awarded partnership shares.  This incentive is only awarded by the Board of Directors.  It is the highest honor/award bestowed in the organization.

Jan 2005Sep 2005

Sales Manager

Pomoted from FC position for consistently leading staff in sales.  Primary responsibilities included leading the club in new membership sales and assisting the GM in developing and managing the sales staff.Consistently maintained an above average closing percentage and an ability to regularly produce corporate accounts via business to business sales.  Outside prospecting, cold calling, and warm marketing skills primarily utilized.

Other Responsibilities:




*Production Tracking/Reporting

*Performance Evaluations 


Dec 2003Present

Business Minor

Performance Chart

Sales Charts


  Jerame is a General Manager for Global Fitness Holdings, LLC (dba Urban Active Fitness), a top 20 company in the fitness industry.  His primary responsibilities include building, training and managing the sales department for one of the largest fitness clubs within the Urban Active organization.  He is responsible for $3-4.5 million in annual revenue.  Jerame leads a 6-person sales team and oversees more than 30 other employees in four other departments within his facility.  Jerame has been instrumental in the growth of the Lexington, KY market.  He has at one time or another managed each facility in the Lexington market and has even been responsible for the operation of 3 facilities at once.  Jerame has been recognized as a top performer within the organization.  He was awarded the "Most Consistent Player" award in 2006 for hitting 20 out of 24 sales goals and was awarded the "Best Overall Manager" award for the Southern Region in 2007.  For his exemplary performance and leadership abilities he was also awarded stock options and "partnered" in the organization in 2007.

    Jerame's entire career has been spent with Global Fitness Holdings.  He started as an entry level sales consultant and has been rapidly promoted within the company.  He has exhibited great success in business-to-business sales, building high performing teams, driving revenue and earnings and bringing efficiency and focus to both his club(s) and the organization.

    Jerame received his Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and an Associates degree in Business from the University of Kentucky.


  • LEADER                                     

Professional Objective

Energetic, motivated, hard working sales professional seeking to obtain a challenging sales position providing career growth in the pharmaceutical or medical sales industry.