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Additional Information

Birth:February 1st, 1968.

Age: 46 years old

Marital Status: Married

Native Language:Spanish

Complementary Language:English 90%

USA Visa and Border Crossing card Authorized since 2002




CPA with more than 25 years of experience in the Finance and Administration fields like Accounting, Auditing, Treasury, Financial Risks (Credit Risk, Market Risk, etc.) Logistics, Imports, Taxes and Management Information Systems, obtained in the Oil, Gas & Hydrocarbons, multinational agricultural sector as well as in the Mexican Financial System, especially financial services, foreign banks and private pension trust (AFORE).

Work experience

Nov 2011Present

Senior Consultant

Wipro Consulting, a $ 5 Billion IT Firm

Wipro Consulting Services (WCS) is a division of the Wipro Ltd (NYSE: WIT), a $7 Billion enterprise that employs over 90,000 employees across the globe. WCS offers Business Advisory, IT consulting and Risk and Compliance services designed to improve business performance, drive operational efficiency and maximize ROI. With experts based in Western Europe, North America, India, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, our integrated Consulting, IT, BPO and Product Engineering services combine the benefits of expert proximity with global leverage to provide technology edge and speed to your strategic programs.WCS has a partnership driven approach and our seasoned practitioners engage actively with our clients to ensure realization of benefits. Our solutions are tested, measurable, implementable and adjusted to align with the change readiness and culture of our clients. Our solutions are also rapid, as we leverage best practices, accelerator tool kits and have experienced consulting professionals. We have an adaptive and flexible model to facilitate consensus and adoption of our solutions by our clients.SpecialtiesBusiness Consulting, Strategic Consulting, IT advisory

Mar 2010Feb 2011

Country Finance Manager

Visa International Mexico
I was Controller. Areas managed were Financials under USGAAP and MEXGAAP, Taxes, HR issues like Payroll and benefits (Retirement Plan) as well as to assure fulfillment to corporate policies and procedures in accordance with FCPA and SOX laws. As part of a new business strategy, I supported the opening process and operations for a new subsidiary planned to handle Marketing campaign expenses locally and to recover taxes already paid. Also, I handled relationship with External, Internal auditors and corporate advisors (legal, Tax, financial and outsourcing services). Due to matrix structure, I had to report directly to Regional Controller located at Miami office as well as to General Manager in Mexico City.
Jan 2009Mar 2010

Finance Manager

Compañía Mexicana de Exploraciones, S.A. de C.V.

I was Finance Manager From January 29, 2009 to March10, 2010. It includes Accounting, Treasury, Budgeting, Planning and Tax Dept. I am in charge to provide back up to Finance and Administration Director, as well as, to support General Manager and to advice other Departments like Human Resources, Production and Exploration about financial issues. Staff under my responsibility is between 25 to 30 employees.

Feb 2002Sep 2008

Administration & Finance Manager

ADM Bioproductos, S.A. de C.V.
  • I am in charge of Finance and Administration Management since August 16, 2004 to date.My principal duties are to be Legal Representative from the company; To manage and control Finance; Credit; Personnel; Systems; etc. as well as establishment of policies and procedures, in coordination with Head Office and Grain Division, for all operations into Mexico. To advise and support General Manager from Mexico Office and Credit Manager from Head Office about strategic decisions, commercial decisions, legal issues, etc.
  • Previously, I was in charge of Credit Risk Management Torreon, Coahuila since February 25th, 2002 to July 31st, 2004. My principal duties were to manage and control credit risk exposure; to advise and support General Manager from Torreon Office, Mexico Office and Credit Manager from Head Office about Markets, Regional economies (Mexico, Central and South America), strategic decisions, commercial decisions, legal issues, Evaluation and Credit analysis, etc.
Jan 2000Jul 2001

Accounting & Tax Sub-director

BanCrecer Dresdner, S.A. de C.V. Afore BanCrecer Dresdner I-1, S.A. de C.V. Siefore
  • I was in charge of Accounting & Tax Department as Sub-director from January-2000 to July-2001, in Mexico City.
  • Responsible to Establish Accountant Structure and Internal Control for This Mexican Pension Fund in accordance with Mexican GAAP issued by National Saving Pension Funds Commission (CONSAR) and operational rules issued by Central Bank (Banco de México) and Treasury Department (S.H.C.P.) and CONSAR too.
  • Elaboration of all the reports required by the authorities mentioned above (Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports).
  • To prepare several Reports like USGAAP financials, required by General Manager and Board of Directors Meeting.
  • To coordinate and to provide support to External Auditors; Auditors from National Saving Pension Funds Commission as well as interact with external advisors.
Nov 1997Dec 1999

Asset & Liabilities Management Sub-director

Bancomer, S.A.
  • My main responsibilities were control, consolidation and analysis of financial information generated monthly, quarterly and annually, required by the Assets and Liabilities management, General Management and Assets and Liabilities Management Committee (ALCO), supported with an interdisciplinary group of people that they included Systems, Accounting, Treasury, LoansStaff , Managers, Sub directors and Directors.
  • To supervise preparation of official reports to authorities as of capitalization’s requirementsestablished by the Ministry of Finance as well as Central Bank and National Banking and Securities Exchange Commission.
  • To supervise, control and to finish implementation of data mining software in order to obtain from all different systems from the bank, information required to prepare all the analysis requested by management and ALCO.
Dec 1994Nov 1997


Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi (Mexico) SA

It was the first International Japanese Commercial Banking Institution around the world that established in Mexico City a Subsidiary by January 1995 after the opening Financial System in accordance with the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). I was Sub controller or General Accountant from December 1994 to November 1997. My principal duties included establishing Accountant Structure and Internal Control System for This Foreign Banking Institution in accordance with Mexican GAAP issued by National Banking and Securities Exchange Commission (C.N.B.V.) and operational rules issued by Central Bank (Banco de Mexico) and Treasury Department (S.H.C.P.). Elaboration of all reports required by authorities mentioned before (Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports), and preparation of reports to Head Office in Tokyo and New York in Japanese GAAP and US GAAP. Elaboration reports to General Manager and Managers. Coordination an support of external and internal auditors as well as National Banking and Securities Exchange Commission auditors and external advisors.

Oct 1993Oct 1994

Internal Auditor Senior

Grupo Financiero Del Sureste SA CV / Banco del Sureste, S.A.

One of the New Mexican Commercial Bank authorized after Banking System reprivatization in Mexico. I collaborated as Senior Auditor. I was in charge to develop and planning constant auditing processes to all holding’s companies; especially Banking Institution, Mutual Funds and Brokerage House, watching over the execution of the rules established by the banking laws and of the stock market laws. To support external auditors and auditors from Banking National Commission.

Dec 1991Oct 1993

Auditor Senior

Ruiz Urquiza y Cia, S.C. (Arthur Andresen & Co)

One of the most important International firm of Auditors and Business Advisors. I started as Auditor and then I was promoted to Senior Auditor from December-1991 to October-1993 in Mexico City. I was responsible to develop and Planning constant auditing processes to different companies, for example cement companies (Apasco), Construction Companies (Gutsa) and specially Banking Institutions such it is the case of Financial Group Inverlat (Bank, Factoring and Leasing), today Scotiabank Group, including the elaboration of Financial Statements Opinion and Tax Annual Report to Treasury Department (S.H.C.P.)

Sep 1990Dec 1991

Auditor Assistant

Gonzalez Vilchis y Cía. SC (Price Waterhouse)

I begun as Auditor assistant. I was responsible to develop constant auditing processes to different companies, like Grupo Elektra, Pro-Opera, A.C. as well as elaboration of Financial Statements Opinion and Tax Annual Report to Treasury Department (S.H.C.P.)


Jan 2008May 2009

Development & Business Management

Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico
  • It will apply models, strategies and competitive advantages in the administration and development of business projects
  • It will make decisions through knowledge from the financial situation of the company, as well as the implementation of commercial strategies based in the marketing research process.
  • It will develop directive and administrative abilities with emphasis in the quality and the service.
  • It will acquire an ample vision in the management of sales through the seven approaches of the professional sale.
  • It will take advantage of the current technologies of information like strategic tools for the development, direction and administration of businesses.
Jan 2000Apr 2002

Master in Finance

To develop Finance masters to evolve like managers and directors with capacity to identify financial problems of the companies in order to find and to offer solutions as well as to make decisions to optimize their resources and to manage different cualitative and cuantitative risks as well as to be developed in the teaching and investigation fields.
May 1996May 1997

Banking and Credit Risk

Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico
  • It will within the framework know the responsibilities and sanctions product the contract celebration of the norms and legal conventions, international treaties, as well as of the structure of the Mexican Financial System (VM, SHCP, CNBV, CNSF, CONSAR, Condusef, IPAB).
  • It will take mathematical decisions by means of the handling from quantitative methods and basic models for the resolution of problems and practical exerciseses and, by means of the value of the money through time.
  • It will know the measures Value in Risk of credit market and that allow to measure the risk level in the financial institutions.
  • It will analyze the impact of the economic surroundings in the external variables that influence in the decisions of the credit applicants and how a company can take advantage of them to compete successful.
  • It will know and analyze the elements that integrate the administration of the different risks from the banking operation.
Sep 1987Sep 1992

Certified Public Accountant

Accounting professional is a financial expert and it is professional authority in the economic and monetary fields, obtaining, applying and projecting financial resources from different economic agents (public y private sectors) in the areas of accounting, controlling, treasury, audit, finance and public prosecutor, through the planning, the analysis, the critic, the interpretation and the investigation. ABILITIES
  • To develop to an integral vision on the objectives of the subjects of the economy and their financial strategies.
  • To apply the acquired knowledge, in critical form, the analysis and interpretation of financial statements.
  • To lead groups and to participate in multidisciplinary equipment to base the financial decision making.
  • To advise in and financial and fiscal matter.
  • To design suitable countable procedures to the fulfillment of the different obligations from the subjects of the economy.
  • To operate systems of calculation and communication for the financial information processing chords to the technological advances and the legal dispositions.
  • To collaborate in the decision making, being based on the analysis of the financial information.
  • To develop a critical attitude that allows to apply the acquired knowledge him to carry out audit.
  • To suitably handle the methodology to realise investigation and to base its opinions.
  • To design the methods and procedures for the internal control of the organizations.