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Work experience

Jan 2008Present

Group Strategy Director

Telecom New Zealand

Job Responsibility:

  • Development of Telecom Group strategy including group industry strategy, technology strategy, regulatory strategy and portfolio (product and price) strategy
  • Facilitation of Telecom group growth agenda and associated corporate development and strategic partnering and venturing
  • Executive sponsor of Telecom New Zealand International Business Unit

Key Achievements:

  • Led Group wide clean sheet capex review
  • Facilitated development of Telecom Group Operating Model
  • Facilitated development of Telecom Group Vision, Mission, Values & Brand model
  • Led development of Group Australian Strategy 
  • Leading NZ Media market option development
  • Executive sponsor of key Telecom Group Transformation programs
  • Director on YahooXtra,  AAPT, Gen-I Aus and Hutchinson Australia (“3”) Boards
Apr 2005Jan 2008

General Manager – Group Strategy & Corporate Development

Telecom New Zealand

Job Responsibility:

  • Lead Telecom Group Strategy & Development function with accountability for driving Telecoms' thinking and efforts around developing and optimising its portfolio of businesses and initiatives that optimises the balance between near term performance and long term health and directing allocation of resources to achieve this.
  • Also lead group level strategic projects and corporate development including M&A and corporate venturing with responsibility for Group Regulatory Strategy and Group Product and Pricing (Portfolio) Strategy as well.

Key Achievements:

  • Set up new Group in April 2005 and developed 2005 Group Strategy review resulting in sale of Yellow Pages and partnership with Yahoo!
  • Reviewed and updated Group Strategy in 2006 and 2007 including development Telecom Industry Strategy and proposal to Government for structural separation
  • Led Yahoo! Partnership negotiations and MSN exit
  • Led development of Next Generation Telecom (NGT) concept development
  • Joined Yahoo!Xtra and New Zealand Institute Boards
Apr 2003Apr 2005

General Manager - Wired Division

Telecom New Zealand

Job Responsibility:

  • GM of Telecom’s New Zealand fixed line business including all fixed line access, calling, data and internet products and services with full bottom line accountability. 
  • Responsible for leading the group that developed and marketed Telecom’s fixed network and online solutions covering all voice and data offers across both mass and managed market and incorporated the Xtra Business Unit that I previously ran as a separate standalone business. 
  • This unit accounted for circa 85% of Telecoms New Zealand revenues and circa 90% of Telecoms’ group earnings. This translates into approximately 2% of NZ’s GDP.  

Key Achievements:

  • Built new Wired management team
  • Created a new Market Strategy function with subsequent development of new strategies including Access & Calling game plan, broadband game plan, IP & Data game plan, Auckland market game plan, Ethnic game plan, Rural game plan and International Calling game plan
  • Launched new game changing bundled products (AnyTime and BusinessTime) into consumer and SME markets that reduced fixed line churn to best in class levels
  • Increased broadband customers 400% over that period under the Xtra brand.
  • Joined Icehouse and Springboard Trust Boards
Jan 1998Mar 2003

General Manager - Xtra ISP and XtraMSN Web Portal

Telecom New Zealand

Job Responsibility:

  • Xtra Limited was (during the period covered) a self contained fully functioning business 100% owned by Telecom New Zealand. Xtra, which was launched in 1996, was responsible for driving Telecom’s internet and media convergence strategy 
  • During the 5 years at Xtra (January 1998 to Mar 2003) I had a number of roles including:
    • General Manager – Xtra/XtraMSN (2001 – 2003) – assumed responsibility for Xtra Business as well as Xtra Consumer and XtraMSN (NZ equivalent of NineMSN)
    • General Manager - Xtra Consumer/XtraMSN (2000 – 2001) – promoted to General Manager of the Xtra Consumer Business and XtraMSN Online Network. Also made a Director of Xtra Limited and Telecom Directories Limited.
    • Commercial & Operations Manager (1999 – 2000) – assumed wider responsibilities for Commercial/Legal areas and Customer care functions of Xtra. Also responsible for Channel Sales function while Sales role was vacant.
    • Financial Controller (1998 – 1999) – responsible for financial and management reporting, capital management, economic analysis, strategic planning and budgeting and investor relations.

Key Achievements:

  • Driving the Xtra and MSN online portals merge in 2001 to form NZ’s largest online property called XtraMSN. XtraMSN, which has been replaced by Yahoo!Xtra,  was NZ’s largest online network with 1.5 million users (75% reach).
  • Driving Xtra’s growth to be NZ’s largest ISP in NZ with ~600,000 (2007) subscribers (50% market share).
  • Driving Xtra financial performance, as a standalone unit, generating in excess of $130m of revenue per annum and very strong EBITDA and cashflow
  • Xtra employed approximately 150 staff directly and 300 indirectly with the Xtra brand  NZ’s 3rd the most preferred communications brand and most trusted internet brand. 
  • Xtra won the all best ISP awards in 2002 and was also voted one of the 10 best Employers during the period I was General Manager.
Apr 1997Jan 1998

Financial Controller

Ericsson Cellular

Job Responsibility:

  • Ericsson Cellular Limited was a subsidiary of Ericsson Communications NZ Limited. Due to the size of Ericsson Cellular Limited and the fact that it operated as a reseller in the Cellular industry (non core for Ericsson) it operated fairly autonomously from the parent reporting directly to Ericsson in Sweden and had its own Board of Directors. The company generated annual revenues in excess of NZ$100 million and employed approximately 150 staff. 
  • Initially I was employed to fulfil the function of Financial Controller but after reviewing the state of the businesses finance I quickly came to the view the business required significant change management and possible divestment and I led that process for the Board along with a new Managing Director that was brought in to help drive that.

Key Achievements:

  • Reengineering of banking and receivables area reducing staff from 17 to 4 and significantly improving process and systems.
  • Reengineering Debt Recovery area creating a focused Debt Recovery Unit managed on quantifiable key value drivers. Unit experienced significant payback in terms of hard debt recovery ratios.
  • Played lead role in conjunction with a new Managing Director in refocusing the business on core value chains which resulted in closure and divestment of two sub-optimal business areas. This was coupled with a significant change out of the existing management team
  • Played lead role with Managing Director in developing exit strategy for Ericsson Cellular from Airtime reseller business and negotiating sale price with Telecom. Managed successful Due Diligence process and subsequently managed liquidation of the Balance Sheet post divestment of business. Was also involved developing exit strategy for divestment of interest in downstream business subsidiary [Retail Outlets] which was subsequently sold
Oct 1994Apr 1997

Group Controller

Fletcher Challenge Energy

Job Responsibility:

  •  Fletcher Challenge Energy Limited – The Energy Division was a Fletcher Challenge letter stock which comprised the previous Petroleum and Utilities sectors. It encompassed operations in exploration , production and downstream sectors of the energy industry in New Zealand , Canada , USA , Brunei , Indonesia and South America which generated annual revenues in excess of NZ$1,000 million and operating cashflows of over NZ$500 million on an asset base in excess of NZ$2.4 billion. 
  • I was at FCE for 7 years (April 1991 to April 1997) in a number of roles including:
    • Special Project Executive – Responsible for special projects undertaken at both a Group and Business Unit level. Was also still accountable for Group Controller role. Projects included joint Cost Effectiveness and Core Process Redesign initiative in conjunction with McKinsey & Co. management consultants. Resulted in significant restructuring and downsizing of many areas of the Company delivering cost efficiencies through reduction of overlapped accountabilities, duplicated costs and refined processes.
    • Group Controller - responsible for group control function for Fletcher Challenge Energy’s global business. 
    • Business Development Analyst - Business development and analytical role in Petrocorp
    • Company Accountant (Maui Oil fields) - Responsible for maintaining the financial systems and records for the Offshore Mining Group of Companies (12 legal entities). Included all financial , management , taxation and statutory reporting required to meet internal and external reporting requirements

Key Achievements:

 In Special Projects role (1997):

  • Joint Cost Effectiveness and Core Process Redesign initiative in conjunction with McKinsey & Co. management consultants. Resulted in significant restructuring and downsizing of many areas of the Company delivering cost efficiencies through reduction of overlapped accountabilities, duplicated costs and refined processes.
In Group Controller role (1994 – 1997):
  • Development of Divisional Value Driver Reporting process for Fletcher Challenge Energy in conjunction with McKinsey & Co Management Consultants which was then implemented as part of the Annual Planning process and integrated into both the ongoing Management Reporting Process and the Value Added Incentive Remuneration (VAIR) process.
  • Redesign of Sector Monthly Management Report and integration of financial and value based reporting as outlined above.
  • Development of a comprehensive Executive Information System using both “off the shelf” products and customised products.  
  • Involved in the development and issue of the Fletcher Challenge Energy targeted “letter” shares.
  • Involved in the takeover of a NZSE listed Company (Southern Petroleum NL).
  • Conducted on-site USA and Canadian Business Unit reviews of financial and value based reporting processes and systems to identify reengineering opportunities.
  • Developed Brunei full field economic model for purposes of peer review. Involved reviewing all economic, financial, legal and operational assumptions and inputs together with preparation of a comprehensive presentation pack.

In Business Development Analyst role (1993 – 1994):

  • Development of  Business Unit Value Driver Reporting process 
  • Development of full field “single play” economic model delivering comprehensive value based outputs including ENPV’s, cumulative probability curves , decision tree paths and Tornado graphs used for ranking value sensitivity of key drivers.
  • Development of Timeline Project Tool for identifying critical paths in preparing for and drilling exploration and development wells.
  • Performed acquisition valuations and Joint Venture Partner buy out evaluations 

In Company Accountant (Maui) role (1991 – 1993):

  • Completed reengineering of accounting systems of Group following acquisition driven restructure of Fletcher Challenge 68.75% interest in the Maui Offshore gas field. Included reengineering of all management , financial , taxation ,statutory and internal accounting control systems
  • Development of full field economic model for Fletcher Challenge’s interest in the Maui field




Victoria University of Wellington

New Plymouth Boys High School

Nelson College for Boys


Career Summary: CXO level leader with broad experience in all aspects of strategy, commercial, business development and finance as well with broad Telco General Management experience running fixed line and online divisions covering full gambit including marketing and product development engines. 11 years Telco industry experience and 7 years in oil and gas industry

Core Capabilities and Competencies: Strategic, change management, commercial, financial, operational and business development executive with 18 years experience in the energy (Oil & Gas), telecommunications, information technology, and internet/new media  sectors. 

  • Strong strategic and change management profile coupled with high energy, passion, courage and personal drive
  • Ability to understand, and balance, short term [financial] performance and long term [cashflow] health and manage the key performance drivers to achieve this
  • Strong analytical skills and problem solving capability. Rapid systemic thinking style balanced with pragmatism from wealth of strategic, financial and operational experience
  • Extensive experience in running large operational business units with very strong documented performance history including business and market turnarounds
  • Extensive financial and commercial experience up to Group Controller and Financial Controller level for billion dollar businesses 
  • Extensive experience in the development and negotiation of strategic alliances in communication and new media markets

Career Objectives: To continue to build senior management experience at CSO/CMO/CFO/COO, and ultimately CEO level, in large publically listed NZ Companies. Preferably in infrastructure based industries with retail business arms that are pursuing multi horizon strategies focused on transformation and growth and are built on strong employee cultures, brands and values . To also continue to balance my corporate objectives with the social venture accelerator work I am involved in outside of work. 


Surfing, Running, Cycling, Reading



Chartered Accountant

New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants


Simon Moutter

Marko Bogoieviski