Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2008 - Oct 2009

General & Operations Manager

KladArc & Klad Mfg.
  • Managed Operations of 2 specialty manufacturing & fabrication companies with combined 115 employees
  • Key employee to manage start-up of high tech automated overlay with proprietary processes for critical sub-sea oil well piping in Gulf of Mexico

Crucial Projects:

  • Shell Oil- Managed operations for safe & efficient operation achieved more than 50% gross margin on first critical project for new step-change process never used before in offshore cladding operations
  • British Petroleum- Interfaced and coordinated critical technical information to BP managers, engineers and technical staff to secure contracts for current production oil platform facilities
Jan 2003 - Jan 2007

Critical Projects & Team Manager

KTM USA & Austria
  • Reported direct to KTM President of North America operations. Turnaround and troubleshoot special projects as directed by North America and Austrian HQ.
  • Organized, prepared, managed and made pivotal decisions regarding strategy, safety and directives for the USA team competing in the "Mount Everest" of motorized off road races, the Paris to Dakar Rally. This competition is the most watched race outside the USA. It is the toughest motorized competition on the planet

Crucial Projects/Results

  • Managed and expedited architecture plans for multi-million dollar facility in southern California. Successfully interfaced and overcame grave problems with angry residents, government and environmental regulators
  • Directed and managed Dakar team for 3 years achieving several stage wins and team podium finish.
1983 - 1997


Western Weltek, Inc.
  • Boot-strapped startup company from limited resources and grew to $15 Million sales in 6 years.
  • Key-man, COO, Capitalized a niche market by innovating and developing an automated welding process for field use. Spearheaded use of separate union and non-union corporations

Major Projects:

  • Idaho National Engineering Laboratories, Atomic City, Idaho- brainstormed and conceptualized remote automated cutting and welding technique for repair of radioactive uranium enrichment facility. Ramrodded project personally to complete early avoiding heavy late completion penalties and achieving 100% gross margin in 14 days of direct work. 2 projects in 10 years.
  • Bid, sold, engineered, pioneered and executed system to place 84" steel liner replacement pipe in failed concrete waterline under the beltway around Washington D.C.. 2 year, multi-million dollar project
1980 - 1982

Quality Assurance & Welding Engineering Manager

Sivad Offshore, Inc.

Bootstrapped new operation to build offshore jack-up drilling rigs using automatic welding techniques indoors

  • 1 of first 5 key employees hired to turnaround start-up disaster of new company
  • Accelerated growth from 5th person hired to 400 employees in 18 months
  • hired, directed and supervised technicians to automate production with visual, ultrasonic and radiographic techniques & procedures

Key Projects:

  • Negotiated & executed $10 million contract for Global Marine jack-up drilling rig
  • Systematized written quality control, production and work procedures to facilitate growth in sales to $45 million in 18 months
1978 - 1980

Principal Welding Engineer

Combustion Engineering, Natco Division

Welding systems and Welding school manager of offshore oil processing equipment manufacturer

  • Managed all welding processes, welder training and inspection. 500 employees
  • Implemented cost reduction systems increasing welding and cutting operations effficiency by 35% in 3 years
  • Pioneered one of first programs in country for training & certifying welding inspectors to American Welding Society QC.1 standards.
  • Earned MBA at night, University of Southern Mississippi

Key Clients:

  • Pennzoil
  • Mesa Oil, Boone Pickens
  • Mobil Oil
  • Exxon




The Ohio State University


University of Southern Mississippi

Studied MBA at night while working for Combustion Engineering


University of Houston, Houston, Texas

Completed study of MBA at night after moving to Houston to bootstrap Sivad Offshore

1999 - 2000


Academia Hispano Americana, Mexico

Diploma graduates are prepared to live comfortably and function efficiently among native Spanish speakers anywhere in the world, especially in regard to Mexico. Being fluent in Spanish, a graduate student has no linguistic difficulties when presenting an entrance examination to study at a Latin American university, and professionals will be able to work in their field among Spanish speakers anywhere in the world. International Commerce, Education, Medicine, Sales, Public Relations, Diplomacy are just a few career opportunities that will be open to students.




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