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Dear Prospective Employers:

I am interested in a supervisor's position with your company. This position interests me because it would allow me to use my experience in working with others. My 14 years in management and academic studies at Central Ohio Technical College are just two of my qualifications that make me an excellent candidate for this position.

As you will see from my portfolio, I have more than 14 years of experience in the field of management and more than 20 years working with others. My resume will show that I have been consistently rewarded for hard work with promotions and increased responsibilities. These rewards are a direct result of my expertise involving people orientation and management, followed by my commitment to personal and professional excellence, and excellent oral communication skills.

More of my skills include:

·Supervised RHDD & ODOJFS Youth Summer Jobs Program

·Worked one on one with top sales people

·Served on many fundraising committees which involved interacting with state and local government agencies

·Secured all start-up costs, bookkeeping, ordering, worked directly with customers in my business

·Managed and supervised 40 to 100 employees for 9 and 5 years respectively

·Raised $125,000.00 for our local Parks and Recreation Departments in 8 years

To schedule an interview, please contact me at 740-622-3007 or [email protected] I look forward to meeting you to further discuss employment opportunities with your company.


Jon P Walters

Work experience

Jul 2001Present

Coshocton City Recreation Project President (Volunteer)

Coshocton City Recreation

ØServed on many fundraising committees which involved working with state and local  government agencies

ØServed as project board member for 8 years

ØServed as board president for 3 year

ØRaised $125,000.00 for our local Parks and Recreation Departments in 8 years

Mar 2011Aug 2013

Laborer/ Supervisor Aide

Coshocton City Parks & Recreation Department

ØWorked as an assistant to the Director

ØSupervised the Summer youth jobs program through ODOJFS

ØSupervised the RHDD Summer youth job training program

ØFacilitated positive interaction with others within our community

ØEncouraged and set goals for youth workers

ØRecorded and approved time cards

Oct 2012Apr 2013



Assembled equipment when it arrived at the job site, using hoisting and moving equipment.

Positioned  pieces that needed to be assembled for the job.

Required  to have a thorough knowledge of the load-bearing capabilities of the equipment Millwrights use as well as an understanding of blueprints and technical instructions which included: rigging, reading blueprints and schematic drawings to determine work procedures, dismantling and overhauling machinery and equipment.

Involved in routine tasks, such as lubrication of machinery, bearing replacement, seal replacement, cleaning of parts during an overhaul and preventative maintenance. 

Performed the duties of a welder. 

Required working within precise limits or standards of accuracy, at heights without fear, or the use of logical step-by-step procedures in work; planning, solving problems and decision-making based on quantifiable information.

Sep 1991Jan 2010

Basket maker/Supervisor

The Longaberger Company

ØWorked one on one with top sales people

ØSupervised upwards of 100 employees for 5 years

ØManaged 40 employees for 9 years

ØOrganized training programs for new employees

ØImplemented a mentoring program

ØRecognized 3 years in a row as the top basket maker for the company out of 800 employees

Apr 2001Apr 2003

Business Owner

Fasttrack NASCAR Collectibles & Apparel

ØDuties included securing all start-up costs

ØBookkeeping for the business

ØOrdering all merchandise for the business

ØWorking directly with customers to ensure customer satisfaction

Jul 1985Jul 1987



ØWorked on servicing and building pumps

ØWelded and fabricated parts for pump trucks

ØInstalled and aligned pump shafts and seals

ØHelped build self-contained, portable hydraulic work over units


Jan 2010Aug 2012

Associate of Applied Business

Central Ohio Technical College


Steve Jones

Susan Whited

Robert Batchelor


 Excellent People Skills
My method for accomplishing this skill set is do to the following:   Understanding how people communicate Expressing my thoughts and feelings clearly Speaking up when my needs are not being met Asking for feedback and giving quality feedback in return Influencing how others think and act Bringing conflicts to the surface and getting them resolved Collaborating with others Shifting gears when relationships are unproductive Clarifying and clearly defining working relationships    
 Excellent Time Management Skills
My method for accomplishing this skill set is do to the following:   Developing a To-Do List Developing a Routine Setting Goals Breaking Down Large Projects Avoiding Procrastination Prioritizing    
 Excellent Communication Skills
My method for accomplishing this skill set is do to the following: ·          Giving employees the impression that you are enthusiastic about talking to them. Asking employee's open-ended questions about their interests. Adapting to employee's body language and feelings. Showing employee's approval by telling them what you admire about them and why. Listening attentively to everything employee's say. Giving employee's prolonged eye contact. Offering helpful suggestions.  
 Critical Thinking & Analysis Skills
My method for accomplishing this skill set is do to the following:   Exploring evidence through observation Understanding context Using relevant criteria for making the judgment well Applying methods or techniques for forming the judgment Applying theoretical constructs for understanding the problem and the question at hand

My Accomplishments

My Academic Awards & Achievement




Jan 2013Present

UBC Millwright 16 Hour Safety Course

Instructor: Chris Sanders
Jan 2013Present

OSHA 10 hour Safety and Health Course

Chris Sanders
Jan 2013Present

Aerial Lift Operator

Chris Sanders
Nov 2012Present

HILTI Qualified Operator

Chris Sanders
Jan 2013Jan 2015

Emergency Care & Safety Institute Automated External Defibrillation

Emergency Care & Safety Institute (Todd Weinbrecht)
Jan 2013Jan 2015

Emergency Care & Safety Institute First Aid

Emergency Care & Safety Institute ( Todd Wienbrecht)