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Work experience

Feb 2009Aug 2011


Midwest Pool Management

I performed daily tasks such as cleaning the pool and pool deck area, the bathrooms and the concessions area. I provided first aid when needed to patrons ranging from scraped knees to strokes. I patrolled the waters and provided life saving services such as CPR, spinal injury services, and rescue breathing when needed. I worked with people on a daily basis, which in turn has helped me become more of a professional person around angry customers.


Aug 2012Present

International Relations

University Of Missouri

I will be attending the University of Missouri in the fall of 2012 in hopes of getting a degree in international Relations with a Minor in Chinese.

Aug 2009May 2012

Lee's Summit High School

I attended high school at Lee's Summit High School from August of 2009 to May of 2012


Being born into the technology generation, I have a pretty keen sense of how to use technology. I can use Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher. I can use and work a mac very well. I know how to use Imovie and I can take all of the work from my computer, and transfer it to my phone. 
I took two years of German, and I still retain some German fairly well. I can read it better than I can speak it.
I began to take Chinese this year, and I caught on quickly. I have taken multiple languages in the past, and Chinese just came very natural for me. I decided to take Chinese because I did a exchange trip there two summers ago, and I just fell in love with China.


I hope my portfolio has shown that I am educated in culture, language, technology, professionalism, and leadership. SISA has taught me many valuable lessons that I know I will keep with me forever.







To show competency in language, professionalism, culture, technology and leadership through my work throughout the year. I want to ultimately go to University of Missouri and pursue a degree in international relations in the fall of 2012. After college, I'm planning on going to UMKC for law school. I want to get a job as a international relations lawyer.


I'm very involved in lacrosse. I'm the captain of the Lee's Summit varsity team, and I'm playing for MU in college. 

I also love to SCUBA. I'm open water, advanced open water, EAN, and drysuit certified. I plan on working up to be an instructor. I love riding horses. Although I don't have a ton of time for it anymore, I try to be as active in it as I can. I lease one of my horses out to a twelve year old girl who I give lessons to. I love animals and traveling as well. 


Oct 2011Present

Open Water

Apr 2012Present

Advanced Open Water

Apr 2012Present


Apr 2012Present