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Bachelor of Science

University of Louisiana

Field of Study Included: Electronics, Telecommunications, Computer Engineering, Data Communications, Communications Systems, Digital Systems, Control Systems

Work experience


Network Power Project Engineer

GNB Industrial Power - Exide Technologies

Primary point of contact for industrial power engineering and installation services across entire U.S. region.  Performed project management, resourcing and scheduling,   creating proposals for  engineering and installation services.

  • Interact directly with external customers, sales, vendors, sub-contractors, agents, warranty department, recycling department, freight carriers, field techs, parts centers, plants, warehouses, product development and direct managers.
  • Ordering of supported hardware installation material, writing up purchases orders, order management, and invoicing of completed projects.
  • Provide sales support to promote a productive and profitable service and hardware solution for backup power systems.
  • Review Job Quote Form to determine its completeness by sales in order to provide accurate quotes.
  • Analyze scope of work and research data as needed to create quotes for sales account teams.
  • On firm projects, schedule internal resources or hire outside contractors to complete projects.
  • Verify pricing of quoted material and create purchase orders to order installation material and track material shipments
  • Create project folders for internal use and to provide field techs with detailed scope of work
  • Use Microsoft Project to schedule resources and track installation progress and budgets.
  • After project is complete responsible for invoicing.
Oct 2004Apr 2007

Network Engineering Project Manager/Account Planner

Nortel Networks

Served as a single point of contact for hardware (VoIP/wire-line) engineering, network engineering services and problem resolution. Drive process improvements to help ensure customer satisfaction and business success.  Account focused contact for order engineering into a virtual team, which included Account team, Sales Engineering, Project Management, Installation, Order Management, Order Planning, Network Integration, Network Software Services, and Customer representatives.  Supported over 200 engineering projects and remained within 4% of budget -and supported multiple product solutions.

  • Served as interface for manage service partners for workload forecasting, scheduling, and escalation issues
  • Developed and implemented cost cutting process to reduce engineering project plan hours 10%, by comparing the historical actual hours to the planned hours. This reduced engineering intervals to decrease the order fulfillment time for customers.
  • Validated account forecasts and communicating account specific requirements that drive resources and skill sets.
  • Teamed with Account Team and customers to understand and assist in developing their business and strategic direction
  • Partnered with delivery primes (Network Integrations, Network Software Services, Network Engineering and Installation) to deliver Plan and Build proposals for Enhanced Services within 3 days.
  • Supported Account Team in identifying additional revenue opportunities for products and services.
  • Educated account teams on base engineering services and unbundled service offerings to increase service sales by 10%
  • Collaborated with the Business Center to obtain accurate metrics to drive business efficiencies and reduce cost and increase project margins by 10%.
  • Coordinating and validating scope of work with Sales Account Primes to ensure quality of hardware and service proposals including digital switching systems and IP switches
  • Assisted in deriving engineering hourly standards for project budgets and reduced project cost by 10% by reduction of hourly standards
Feb 2002Sep 2004

Systems Project Engineer

Nortel Networks

 Served as technical advisor on digital switching equipment  and IP switching equipment for central offices to sales and customers. Managed the customers' projects from early identification and job planning to customer information capture through customer acceptance.  Interpreted  existing contracts and formation of customer relationships Produced accurate and detailed hardware and software equipment list  for downstream order fulfillment teams. Analyzed customer switching network to validate hardware requirements for wireline and IP networks.

  • Conducted customer information meetings to ensure accurate capture of detailed engineering requirements for software and hardware on over 600 projects and maintained a 95% OTP and 90% quality rating.
  • Prepared over 200 hardware and software proposals to Sales Account Teams
  • Provided engineering support to internal customers including Order Planning, Order Managements, Sales, Project Management, Installation, Field Engineering, Software Engineering, and GTAC, Equipment Application Engineers.
  • Documentation Writer on TSR (Telco Specific Requirements) to improve quality and engineering efficiency by 10%
  • Integrated multiple vendors' products into customers switching network for providing a turn key solution
  • Succeeded in fulfilling multiple roles which including project management , trainer and testing of engineering tools.
  • Researched over a 100 products to successfully equip and configure hardware of an initial central office switch.
  • Worked with multiple cable vendors to design custom cables for customer hardware being interfaced to switching equipment
Aug 1999Jan 2002

Engineering Manager

Nortel Networks

Managed operations, daily planning, engineering and resource allocation for hardware and software projects. Interviewed for opening positions. Prepared departmental budgets and determined staffing requirements to meet current and future business needs. Established, implemented and monitored total departmental cost improvements. Introduced training courses for the timely development of personnel on new products. Promote core values and professional standards to increase customer and employee satisfactions.

·Aided in the creation of a new position (CIE-Customer Implementation Engineer) that merged Sales Proposals and Equipment Engineering, streamlining the business process by eliminating handoffs and reworks.

·Established quality control metrics and OTP (on-time performance) ratings for employees and MSPs

·Assisted in driving down engineering cost by 50% by moving non-critical engineering services to MSP (managed service partners) and helped train the MSP personnel on tools and processes.

·Implemented CI questionnairein the enterprise market to improve engineering quality by 30%

·Drove an implemented web base tool to provide faster and more accurate service quotes to Sales Account teams and customer, which cut the delivery time by 40% and increased engineering efficiency by 20%.

·Supervised10 engineers for multiple product lines including AccessNode, digital switches, optical, and wireless

·Drove process adherence to maintain quality control for TL9000 compliance

·Ensured customer satisfaction through quality standards and measures by evaluating the performance of tools, processes, and employees.

·Helped establish departmental objectives and evaluate employee performance (OTP and Quality)on quarterly basis to maintain a 90% average

·Improved engineering quality by 15% using peer project checking, process adherence, timely process and tool updates, and completion of RCAs on quality issues

·Reduced installation queries by 25% by streamlining business processes and strengthening internal quality.

Feb 1994Jul 1999

Customer Engineer/Sr. Equipment Application Engineer

Nortel Networks

 Responsible for analyzing customers switching network requirements to consistently prepare and release on time accurate detailed engineering specifications (equipment configurations), hardware drawings and cable ordering specs to be used by manufacturing and installation. Provide accurate, timely and professional engineering support to internal customers; installation, project management, sales engineering, system engineers, field engineers, and software engineers and external customers. Responsible for creating central office software tables for initials and extension for installation field technicians. Utilized multiple engineering tools and systems for accurate equipment configuration, and cabling specifications for wireline wireless central office equipment.

  • Supported over 50 customer accounts across U.S. with an 85% customer satisfaction rate
  • Established hardware models for Carrier sales to reduce quotation time by 30%
  • Ensured engineering scheduling commitments were met on over 150 projects while maintaining a 92% quality rating on engineering specifications and office records.
  • Teamed with manufacturing to assist in expediting material and delivery requirements on 60% of projects
  • Researched new products from related design documentation to ensure proper ordering, configurations, and installation and introduced and trained employees on them.
  • Performed multiple roles which included writing EAP (Equipment Application Procedures) documentation to improve engineering quality and mentoring/training new engineers.
  • Developed hardware configuration standards for customer for central office voice switches to reduce engineering intervals by 10% and improve customer satisfaction
Feb 1993Jan 1994

Global Action Center Engineer

Nortel Networks

First point of contact for installation, manufacturing, and order management on hardware engineering provisioning issues and facilitating timely corrective actions for problem resolutions utilizing knowledge of engineering, installation, and manufacturing processes. Assist installation, project management, sales, and order management with identifying hardware parts to meet customer schedules.

·Assisted in driving down EAC (Engineering Action Center) call volumes by 50% for a potential savings of $400k per year.

·Originated call reports and answered manufacturing shop queries, completely identifying the issue and working to resolutions within 24 hours prior to product shipment to customer.

·Data collection and reporting on Engineering requests (ER) to determine reoccurrence of engineering problems in order to drive resolution through RCA and resolve issues by process improvements, tool enhancements, or personnel training

·Team of five handled 10,000 calls per year supporting multiple internal customers and products (data, optical, wireless and wireline

May 1992Jan 1993

Network Field Technician

Nortel Networks

Ensured central office switching systems were installed, tested and commissioned according to customer requirements, company commitments and corporate standards while adhering to critical customer schedules and projects budgets. Provided customer with a professional and positive installation experience, and provided technical support and training to customers on DMS products.Trouble shooting device outages. Supervised Nortel installers and subcontractors that assisted in the installation of central office systems. Installed multiple vendor central office equipment.

·Completed 28 projects with no services outages and no major defects.


Areas of Expertise
Project Management Scheduling Order Operations Process Improvement/development Project Planning Crisis Management Customer Support and Service Hardware and Service Proposals Budgeting Operational Efficiency Root Cause Analysis Project Costing Building Relationships Technical Support Personnel Development Business Ethics Resource Management/Allocation
Systems Engineering
Knowledge and Experience with: Electrical Engineering, DC Power and Battery Solutions Nortel DMS100, DMS200, DMS250,  DMS300, DMS500, Remotes, DMSSTPs, SL100 Nortel Succession - VoIP CS2100, CS2K


Resourceful, account focused systems engineering professional with progressively responsible and diverse experience with Field Operations, Engineering, Management, Customer Account Relations, and Project Management.Demonstrates strengths in cost containment, problem resolution, and strong track record as a results oriented leader who approaches business with an analytical nature and a motivation to exceed customer satisfaction.Proficient at problem solving,  researching,  self development. 


Power Engineering, DMS and Succession Hardware Engineering, Project Management, Operational Planning, Order Managment, Quality Control (Lean Six Sigma), Process Improvements, Customer Service/Relations, Resource Scheduling, Project Budgeting, Sales and Customer Support, Problem Resolution, Negotiating, Hardware and Service sales proposals, Technical Support, Conflict Resolution, and Team Building,


Courses Taken

  • Customer Service Management
  • Building Loyal Customer Relationships
  • Network Fundamentals
  • Network Design
  • Management Leadership Forum
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness and Listening
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Interviewing and Recruiting
  • Continuous Improvement


To engage in a career that will allow me to utilize my education, work experience, and skills to accomplish project goals and be an asset to the organization.


New Technology

Project Management

Systems Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Scuba Diving





Paul Wood

Supervisor at last position held at Nortel Networks.

Greg Thistlethwaite

Greg was a co-worker during my years at Nortel Networks

David Oldfather

I managed David for several years and we worked together on same customer accounts

Gary Tate

 I provided power engineering and installation service quotes to Gary.