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Community Involvement

Overview of my talents

How I can hlep you

As a media specialist I can bring your brand strategy to live by utilizing various media outlets while providing excellent leadership. Let me show you the tremendous advantage I can consistently bring to your business.

I have provided successful campaigns for the following Fortune 500 companies:

AARP, Air-Force, AT&T, BMW

Cost Plus World Market, John Deere

MasterCard, Popeyes Chicken and Biscuit


My additional skills outside of buying include relationship building, project management, procurement', budget/database management, streamlining process’ and procedures, training and development as well as positive cross departmental communication. I am relied upon to provide results driven work.

My long term goal is to contribute to the success of a business with a sense of accomplishment and room for advancement.


Tzatzil LeMair, Founder/CEO, Tough Cookie Fitnessmanaged you

“Kathy has done an excellent job running our company's booth at several expos and race venues. She has great interpersonal skills and her friendly, approachable demeanor has been a key to our success at attracting new customers. In addition, her knowledge of the industry and organizational skills have been a great asset to our training programs and event management. Kathy is dependable, always has a positive attitude and is a true team player.” June 27, 2010

T. Rodney Johnson

“Kathy, willingly stepped up to the plate to lead the team as volunteer facilitor. She has shown exemplary skills in facilitating the team's mission and communication within team. She has helped maintain the team's focus and has gently but firmly been a great task master and accountability partner. Over the course of the past few months in teaming with Kathy I have been very impressed with her people skills, her apparent knowledge in the marketing and media fields, and also her overall business acumen and knowledge. I firmly believe Kathy will be an asset not only as a resource in her specific company role but as go to person for a variety of responsibilities and tasks.” July 2, 2010

Tara Ford, Broadcast Supervisor, GSD&Mmanaged you indirectly

“Kathy was a great team member to have while I worked as a Broadcast Supervisor on AT&T. She was always on top of due dates, processes and communication with others. She Excel's like no one else and was proactive in learning various features of the program to make more user-friendly spreadsheets used across the AT&T buying team.” September 22, 2008

Jessica Landrum, Media Systems Analyst, GSD&M Idea Cityworked directly with you

“Kathy was one of the hardest-working and most intelligent people I worked with while at GSD&M. She was the person everyone would turn to when they needed advice or input on a particular issue. She was always willing to help out our team when we tested software or needed input from a buyer on a particular issue. Kathy will be a great asset to any company!” July 2, 2009