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ePortfolio Overview

Welcome to my e Portfolio for my Internship at the Privy Council Office!

The following site serves 3 functions:


I’ve included 3 sections to this e Portfolio that describe me in relation to the Privy Council Office (PCO):

Education Background – highlights my academic history

Security Clearance – states the current level of security clearance I received for the position

Certifications Received – training acquired over the duration of my internship


Along the right hand side of this page you will find a section called Internship that contains 4 documents describing the experience of the internship, organized in tandem with the internship timeline.

These documents include:

About the Internship – Originally submitted as the Internship Proposal, this document describes the PCO and introduces some background to the project, provides description of the project, skills brought to the internship and skills to be developed from the internship.

Internship Article – Titled Seven Issues to Consider when Designing Training Curricula, this article was written upon completion of the internship. It was written to fill the gap in the literature on curriculum planning in the business context, and focuses on seven issues that make curriculum design unique from course design.

Lessons Learned – This document describes how my original learning objectives (outlined in the About the Internship document) were met, how course work in the Education Technology program applied to this internship, the broader lessons learned from the internship itself, and future learning I wish to embark on

Suggestions – This document provides future internship suggestions for students, the Education Technology program, and the client / employer.


There are 2 sections that describe the work completed over the duration of the internship:

CURRICULUM  (Major Work Product)

This section contains 2 documents including 1) the full Emergency Management (EM) & Business Continuity (BC) Training program I developed (complete with research background, findings, program competencies, appendices for the needs assessment documents used, terminology and acronym dictionary) and 2) a description of the project including reflections about the experience. This project was my main responsibility in the internship, and consumed all of my time.

CURRICULUM | Supplementary Docs

To compliment the EM & BC Training Program, a series of documents were created to supplement the larger document. This section contains 4 supplementary documents, each one accompanied with a complimentary document titled  “Project Description & Reflection” describing the project background and reflection about the experience.

These documents include:

Curriculum Development Plan – Designed at the beginning of the project, this flowchart provides a step-by-step process to use to develop the curriculum.

User Guide – Developed for users of the EM & BC training program to help them identify their specific training requirements and register for training. 

Curriculum Road Map – Designedto depict the sequential arrangement of training requirements and electives for each stakeholder type. 

Promotional Presentation – Designed to use for promotion of the program to senior management and executives to solicit buy-in, suggestions for implementation, and funding. 


Curriculum (Major Work Product)


Curriculum | Supplementary Docs


Jan 2009Present

Incident Command System - ICS 100-300

Justice Institute of British Columbia
Sep 2008Present

Basic Emergency Management - BEM 100

City of Ottawa

Top Secret

Privy Council Office