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Work experience

Jun 2004Present


Child Care


Jan 2009May 2009


Goodwill Hartley Center


 I say i'm intermidiate because I have worked at Younker's one time for Black Friday and I did an excellent job the first time I have ever did it and I could've had the job but my phone was off when they called for me.
 I love to make clothes and decorate houses, I helped my sister and my mom with furnishing there houses. I love making up my own design because I love to be different from others. I have made up my own design of clothing that I keep in a safe place just in case I decide to sale it to someone famous or a millionaire so they can have my design, or I might just keep it for myself but I haven't put that much thought in to that.
Special Skill
 I can look at something and figure it out just by looking at it, I can figure out how to fix it or even how to make it. I've been that way since I can remember I love the fact that I can do that because when something isn't working in my house I can figure it out myself what is wrong with it and fix it.
House Keeping
 I have been cleaning since i was about 7 or 8 years old, I use to love to clean the house for my mom when she had a long day at work that me feel good because she didn't have to come home and clean all she had to do was relax from working all day. But I enjoyed it because I loved being around fresh clean air it puts you in a beter mood.
 I have cooked for my family, friends, and my babysitting kids all the time. I've been cooking since i was 12 years old. I love to cook and I like the comments that people give me after they have ate my cooking it makes me feel good when its positive when someone say something negative it makes me work harder to prove them wrong and so I can satisfy myself on doing better.


Marty Jones

i've known Marty for 1+ years.

Bobby Green

He is my step-father and i've know him for 6+ plus years.

Keyshia Stevenson

 I've known Keyshia for about  5+ years and she is a real close friend.


 I am interested in my son,  cooking, cleaning, helping people, dancing, singing, acting, modeling, law, kids, and myself because all things these things is what make me who I am today and thats a strong women who is positive and I expand my mind I don't just be stuck on certain things because if you don't experience yourself in other things how are you going to know what other things that you are missing out on in life that you might like or that one day can become your career in doing.