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  • More than 9 and half years into service and product based organizations, helping them into awareness marketing, branding, positioning through various online platforms
  • 5 years of project management, team management & integrated marketing campaign leading experience
  • Channels worked on - display advertising, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, drive to site, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, web experience
  • Current projects - 
    • Programmatic media buy setup with dynamic content delivery model depending upon audience individual profiling
    • Working on automating spending mix, projections, sales funnel preparation with analytics and prediction system
    • Working on responsive content delivery model to reduce website bounce rate as a part of re-marketing program


Content marketing

Content Marketing is something which I am doing from my first job. I have created content, curated along with proof reading

Social Media & SEM

Social Media and Search Engine Marketing is where I have more than 5 years of experience. Currently managing projects on this

Lead Generation strategy

I am managing projects which generates responses for us, which eventually gets followed up and becomes leads. Lead / Response volume has always been a KRA of my work from day one. In my current role this has been changed to revenue. 

Display marketing

I am managing projects for static display banners along with live/recorded webcasts and podcasts. This is one field where are are trying out dynamic content based display ads, to incorporate programmatic marketing

Digital Media Planning

I am into media planning for more than 4 and half years now, where I determine offerings, assets, channels, placement, partner selection, investment mix etc. Keeping a rapport with vendor is a part of it. Key part of this piece of work is negotiation skills 

Data driven Marketing

I was one among the group who were in the pilot project of Data driven marketing for my current company. Currently even though we have set profiles, models which gives out the expected result, but I feel as the data points are increasing we can always play around with this more.

Budget Planning

Budget Planning or spending mix is a KRA I am working from last 4 years. I handle only digital portion of the advertising budget and invest them through different to gain maximum amount of traction in terms of revenue. 

Project Management

Project Management is something which I have started working on from 2015, as a part of my current role. Currently I am managing all digital marketing related vendor led projects from IBM's per se. In this role I keeps an eye on deliverables to make sure quality, quantity and timelines of planned digital media campaigns

Current Work profile

  • Leading digital strategies for 3 offerings to increase digital footprint, product awareness and response generation
  • Conceptualize and manage digital marketing initiatives for product launch & re-branding
  • Prepare optimized spending mix for maximum return through predictive financial modeling
  • Research, draft & pitch new digital strategy proposals to senior management
  • Build social campaigns & content that generate demand and revenue
  • Increase IBM's SOV in social media
  • Determine the places where IBM POV should be injected into conversations with influencers.
  • Analyze social medial listening reports and digital marketing performance reports to make enhancement recommendations based on findings

Work History

Digital Strategist

IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
April 2015Present
  • 6% Y2Y positive growth in digital revenue from last year (2015)
  • Increased ROI to 6:1 from 5.5:1 (2015) with better spending mix
  • Increased responses by 12% in paid search, 5.6% per campaign with 5% positive conversion ratio of response to lead
  • Increased ROAS / Return On Advertising Spend by 7 point (2015)

Digital Marketing Specialist

IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
July 2012March 2015
  • Introduced CrowdChat as a drive-to for events and made it a high performing activity to pull-in registration
  • Created and implemented a new reporting structure to track the project timeline, effectiveness, profitability (a modified version of 2012 tool)
  • Increased 20% paid search leads through rigorous A/B testing, campaign optimization and reorganized paid search campaigns with respect to keyword performance
  • Created a segmented age driven digital asset library during 2014-15 to create asset life cycle which resulted into better asset utilization. It was an add on to the response nurture strategy. Resulted into a better client journey experience increasing conversion ration
  • Created and implemented a new ‘client led nurture’ strategy during 2013-14 to improvise client journey which resulted into a better response to lead conversion rate

Campaign Planner – US

IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
January 2011June 2012
  • Created a diligent media tracking tool during 2012 using in-house analytics and optimization system which resulted into better agency management and media tracking
  • Designed executable campaign maps with detailed process and data flow
  • Spearhead the execution of different campaign across multiple digital channels
  • Coordinated lead management with sales team through pipeline reviews and analysis
  • Prepared reports of campaigns on the basis of Return on investment, cost per response, cost per impression etc.

Executive – Market Research (Testing Services)

Testree Solutions, a Nous Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. Company.
April 2007September 2010
  • Researched and implemented the 6 phase-model of management process (Conception, Planning, Execution, Control, Feedback, Training)
  • Included SOA, Mobility & Security testing services into Testree’s area of work
  • Spearheaded lead generation through C-level customer interaction

Award & Recognition

  • "M&C Canada Marketing Excellence Award" for making Canada Healthcare as best performer during 1Q17
  • “Restlessly Reinvent IBM and Ourselves” for leadership and mentoring during 2016
  • “Restlessly Reinvent IBM and Ourselves” for innovation and excellence during 2016
  • “Restlessly Reinvent IBM and Ourselves” for sharing expertise during 2016
  • “IBM Forward THINKer” during  2012-13 
  • “IBM Demand Programs – Digital Best Practice” during 2011-12 
  • Awarded as one of the “Top performers of Nous Infosystems” during 2008-09


  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IBMR Business School with CGPA: 3.02/4.33 during December 2006 
  • Bachelor in Computer Application from MVJ Rajalakshmi College with 64.42% (Overall) during April 2004


  • Completed Foundation Level of M&C - Demand Programs specialization, April 2014. From IBM India 
  • Completed Experienced Level of M&C - Demand Programs specialization, April 2016, From IBM India