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Career Vision:

To utilize my continuing education and my teaching experience to collaborate with other  professionals creating a student-centered environment that produces self-efficacy and academic growth in young adults.


  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
  • Digital Literacy skills vs. Textual Literacy skills
  • Popular Cultural Texts and their Affect on School Literacy
  • The Effects of Student Choice
  • Nurturing Critical Thinking



August 2009-August 2012, Head Girls Cross Country, Metea Valley High School

August 2009-August 2011, Assistant Girls Track & Field, Metea Valley High School

August 2005-October 2007, Head Girls Cross Country, Waubonsie Valley High School

January 2005-May 2007, Assistant Girls Track & Field,  Waubonsie Valley High School


August 2009-August 2012, Metea Valley High School, RUNATHON Co-Chair

June 2009-August 2012, Metea Valley High School Running Club Founder/Sponsor

June 2005-June 2009, Waubonsie Valley High School Running Club Sponsor

December 2008, Food Committee Chair, Indian Prairie School District Cultural Arts Fair.

March 2006-July 2006, Relay for Life-Aurora, Committee Member


Content Experience
  All Content listed was used as a tool to help drive instruction and focus on the skills that needed to be mastered at each grade level.  My teaching experience has included, but is not limited to the following content: American Literature including: The Great Gatsby, House on Mango Street, The Crucible, Raisin in the Sun, and The Nick Adams Stories. British Literature including: MacBeth, Beowulf, and Canterbury Tales  Contemporary Literature including: Catcher in the Rye, Persepolis, The Things They Carried, and Where The Heart Is Cultural Studies including: Their Eyes Were Watching God, Of Beetles and Angels, Bless Me, Ultima, and Warriors Don’t Cry 9th Grade English Survey including: The Odyssey, To Kill A Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men, Whale Talk, Lord of the Flies, and Romeo and Juliet Film Studies including the following films: The Graduate, Psycho, Citizen Kane, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Star Wars Common Composition including: Instruction in ethos, pathos, and logos, resume work, professional conduct/etiquette, interviews, cover letters, etc. Read 180 (Academic Literacy)  

Work experience

Jan 2013Present

Graduate Assistant

University of Alabama

  • Presented academic research to colleagues in formal presentation
  • Co-Investigator of Research Study entitled, “A Structured Approach to Teaching Writing”
  • Edited academic papers for professors. 
  • Observed classrooms and created field notes.
  • Wrote IRB proposals
  • Organized professional readings for collegiate and graduate classes.
  • Aligned Common Core Standards to Georgia State Performance Standards
Aug 2009Dec 2012

Language Arts Teacher

Metea Valley High School

  • Selected as member of inaugural staff to establish climate, culture, vision, and mission for new school
  • Planned and guided academic growth in Language Arts; full paradigm shift from content based instruction to scope and sequence of skill alignment
  • Expertise with National Core Standards and College and Career Readiness Standards and their implementation to instruction
  • Used an instructional template to align content to targeted skills and standards
  • Evaluated and repurposed texts to ensure appropriate rigor and skill alignment
  • Teaming/Inclusion Specialist: Co-taught with Special Education teacher, Established collaboration and full inclusion practices for a wide range of student needs.
  • CRISS Trained
  • RTI trained
  • Customized and modified work to meet the specific needs of students with IEP’s and of ELL students
  • Led a Professional Learning Community focused on aligning curriculum to Common Core Standards and used assessment data to guide teaching objectives
  • Collaborated and planned curriculum for district assessments
Aug 2005Jun 2009

Language Arts Teacher

Waubonsie Valley High School
  • Collaborated with 9th grade Language Arts team to create district writing standards
  • Co-taught with Special Education teacher
  • Modified work to help ELL students in mainstreamed Language Arts classrooms
  • Piloted Literacy program that used physical activity and cognitive research to engage struggling readers in the classroom setting
  • Collaborated with team teachers to provide a cross curricular academic experience
  • Planned curriculum for district assessments


Jan 2012Present


University of Alabama

  • Transcribed interviews for discourse analysis.
  • Created a "Next Steps Plan" for teacher discourse analysis subjects.
  • Presented at JoLle Academic Conference, Feb. 2013.
  • Engaged in administering reading assessments to students for analysis.
  • Created visual stories to represent historical time periods in education.
  • Analyzed scholarly journals for use in a Literature Review.
  • Conducted pilot and IRB approved field work for research project.
  • Analyzed theory in relation to how it affects body image.
  • Critiqued scholarly journals for the specific use of a Professional Learning Community.
  • Led peers in group discussions.
  • Observed and analyzed teachers in field settings for academic research.
  • Engaged in academic writing with supervising professors.
  •  Wrote IRB proposals.
  • Created interview questions for research project.
  • Engaged in ethnographic writing.
Aug 2010Aug 2012


Northern Illinois University

  • Earned a GPA of 4.0.
  • Gave scholarly presentation in LTRE 711.
  • Engaged in writing, critiquing, and analyzing school literacy models.
  • Engaged in student literacy assessments.
  • Engaged in teacher interviews.
  • Compiled and analyzed data to create a literacy model for a specific school.
  • Educated in SPSS software.
  • Engaged in statistical thinking to problem solve research questions.
  • Wrote case studies for struggling readers.
  • Engaged in discussion on racial, political, and economic theory.
Jun 2007Aug 2009

Masters of Science

Northern Illinois University

  • Endorsed to teach ESL coursework.
  • Engaged in linguistic analysis of ELL students and adults.
  • Conducted cross-cultural discussions with students.
  • Engaged in cross-cultural research.
  • Analyzed the importance of cultural background in school curriculum.
  • Analyzed ELL language development models.
  • Presented scholarly information to professor and peers.
  • Created ELL lesson plans using language development strategies.
  • Wrote a thesis paper on, "ELL students Language Development in the Mainstream Classroom"
  • Wrote case study reports for ELL students.
  • Critiqued and Analyzed school programs for language development.
Aug 2001May 2005

Bachelors of Science

University of Illinois

  • Taught at Hinsdale South High School for student internship, Spring 2005
  • Taught at Westview Hills Middle School for student internship, Spring 2005
  • Observed Middle and High School classrooms for field observation, 2004-2005
  • Took coursework to become an expert in British and American Literature.
  • Wrote lesson plans which aligned with ISBE state standards.
  • Analyzed novels in school curriculums.
  • Researched multicultural education and its impact on students.
  • Critiqued multicultural novels with peers and professor.
  • Engaged in multiple learning strategies for future practice.
  • Took coursework in Special Education.
  • Took coursework in creating learning assessments.
  • Took coursework in child and adolescent psychology.
  • Took coursework in teaching, revising, and instructing rhetoric.
  • Took coursework in Educational Law.
  • Engaged in educational debates about policy and law.


English as a Second Language

Alabama Board of Education

Secondary Language Arts

Alabama Board of Education


Ann Cluxton

Latrise Johnson

Diane Tancredi