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To obtain a position in an educational focused organization in the Los Angeles area.

Work experience


Academics Director

SCORE! Educational Center

· Conduct and manage the service delivered to members including parent communication, management of tutors, delivery of instruction and student motivation.

· Manage part time tutor recruiting, hiring, training, scheduling, and instructional quality.

· Supervise all Center staff to effectively monitor and manage student lesson plans, student academic progress and assessments.

· Work with the National Director of Academics to ensure the Center meets and exceeds company progress benchmarks.

· Manage the assimilation of new materials and methods into programs, as well as the dissemination of information about program updates.

· Create and implement tutor training.

· Manage referral and re-enrollment program


Academic Coordinator/Teacher

Korea Poly School

· Supervised staff of 12 English teachers and 12 native Korean teachers.

· Ensured open lines of communication between teachers, parents, and Board of Directors by leading staff meetings.

· Effectively trained, motivated, and evaluated teachers.

· Negotiated with Board of Directors, parents, and teachers to secure Korea Poly School’s interest and develop mutually beneficial relationships.

· Held an average of 10 parent conferences a week on students’ progress.

· Administered an average of 7 entrance examinations daily.

· Made level placements and level adjustments for 600 students each quarter after analyzing Level Test scores, Accelerated Readerscores, and teachers’ recommendations.

· Coordinatedteachers’ andstudents’ class schedules each semester.

· Presentedmonthly awards to students with the top Accelerated Reader scores and e-learning scores.

· Taught 5 ESL classes in Kindergarten, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fifth Grade, and TOEFL.

· Implemented Accelerated Reader Program , Rosetta Language Program, and STAR Early Literacy Program to students.

· Improved TOEFL scores of my seventh grade TOEFL class by 40% in merely 3 months.

· Introduced stimulating educational activities to supplement traditional textbooks.



Bachelor of Arts

Places I've Worked

Academic Affiliation


Academic Programs Implemented


Computer Skills
Windows 2000/XP, Microsoft Office, Accelerated Reader Program, STAR Early Literacy Program, Rosetta Stone Language Learning Program, Headsprout Early Reader Program, Scantron’s electronic Performance Test, Internet Research
Foreign Language- Spanish
Foreign Language- Korean