Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania


I am an up-incoming young professional / communication enthusiast seeking a position that will allow me to use my talents, skills, creativity and quirky personality for the better good ( or for a better profit).Although young, I have had the opportunity to live in a wide range of places. From central Pennsylvania where hunting deer is a daily pastime, to England where an absence of tea is a crime, to Washington D.C, a fast- paced oasis of educated, politically aware and cultured residents. I have lived it all. Through experience with working with international students, living abroad and living in various places, I have developed a broad sense of community and love for diversity. I have a strong understanding and compassion for people of all backgrounds. I continually find new ways to make and foster connections with people around me.I process a fierce determination to succed and take great honor in my work. Every morning I look at post-it notes of favorite quotes on my wall including:"The secret of success is consistency of purpose." --Benjamin DisraeliI know my professional purpose. I will continue to explore, learn and grow. If given the chance, I will dedicate all my efforts in delivering valuable outcomes and experiences in a position with your organization.


 I am a true Renaissance woman.

Things that make my life worth while:

Reading ( with an acute soft spot for Jane Austen), Writing, Traveling, Socializing, Theatre, Dance, Art,Yoga, Zumba,Jazz, Frank Sinatra! Politics, Health, Stargazing,Laughing, and Meeting as Many People as Possible.