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Full Name                     : Jovina Maulida Annisa Lubis

Place, Date of Birth   : Jakarta, September 14th 1995

Nationality                   : Indonesian


Experience has taught me to build strong relationship with all related parties at an organization. I have the ability to work both within a team as well as cross-team activity. Broadly added with interpersonal skill as being a conceptual, hard worker, fast learner, and easy to get along with people, I like the opportunities to involve as many as possible in all aspects of career-climbing processes.

I am now majoring in Bachelor Degree of Electrical Engineering, University of Indonesia. I am also now being involved in EXERCISE (Experimental of Electro-technical Engineering and Science), IEEE University of Indonesia Student Branch, and also as a Control Laboratory assistant. Many various tasks consist of leading the division to run some projects and events, leading the search and training of student resources related to recent technology issues, paper discussion, promote IEEE SBUI and many more. Last January, I was also participating as abstract presenter in International Conference of Mechanics, Robotics and Thermal Control held by EAMAE in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

With those described, I believe I can grow together and give major contributions to your company project.

Educational Background


Bachelor of Engineering

University of Indonesia

Majoring in Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia.

GPA : 3.45 out of 4.00


Class of Natural Sciences

SMA Negeri 12 Jakarta

Majored in Natural Sciences. Involved in many competitions, student research group, and student intra-school organization.

Most Outstanding Student of SMA Negeri 12 Jakarta 

Organizational Experiences

Jan 2016Jan 2017

Head of Public Relation

IEEE University of Indonesia Student Branch

IEEE Student Branch for University of Indonesia in Region 10 (Asia-Pacific).

Jan 2016Jan 2017

Vice Head of Control Division

Experimental of Electro-Technical Engineering and Science

Research group based in Electrical Engineering Department, University of Indonesia.

Nov 2015Aug 2017

Control Laboratory Assistant

Control Laboratory, University of Indonesia

I assist Electrical Engineering Department student and help them with control engineering lab activities. I also manage to help lecturers with some projects given for academic purposes. I help Professionals too if they want to use the lab or if they give some project to us.

Jan 2015Dec 2015

Vice Head of Student Resources Development Division

Electrical Engineering Student Council

Along with the team, I lead the division to take control of student resources development related to sports, arts, knowledge and technology, national issues, last-year student needs preparation (CV Building, Interview Simulation, Alumni Sharing), and also first-year student orientation. The division monitors and creates projects and events to make sure the students are filled with useful skills and knowledges as if they are going to face after-college life.

Jan 2014Dec 2014

Staff of Studentship Division

Executive Student Board, Faculty of Engineering
Jan 2014Dec 2014

Staff of Student Resources Development Division

Electrical Engineering Student Council
Jan 2014Dec 2014

Member of Wheeled Robotics Division

Tim Robotika Universitas Indonesia


Student Social Movement, Faculty of Engineering 

Social-based event dedicated to citizens of desa Tajur Halang, Depok-Bogor. Led by Rizki Hidayatullah (Metallurgy and Material, University of Indonesia student).

Jun 2011Jun 2012


Scientific Student Research Group, SMA Negeri 12 Jakarta

I led the group consisted of divisions handling experiments and waste recycle (creative arts, composting, etc.). 


  1. International Conference of Mechanics, Robotics and Thermal Control by EAMAE / Abstract Presenter / January 2016
  2. Most Outstanding Student of SMA Negeri 12 Jakarta / 1st Winner / 2013
  3. Pemilu Gubernur DKI Jakarta - Quick and Smart Competition / Province Level / 1st Winner / 2012
  4. National Science Olympiad of Astronomy / National Level / Finalist / 2011 & 2012
  5. Intellectual Property Rights - Quick and Smart Competition / Province Level / Finalist / 2012
  6. Green Act Pertamina Nasional / National Level / Finalist / 2012
  7. 4 Pilar Berbangsa dan Bernegara - Quick and Smart Competition / Province Level / 4th Winner / 2011

Working Experiences

Aug 2016Aug 2016


PT Chevron Indonesia

I managed to study and analyze about the company project, which was PCV Debottlenecking project. I also analyzed the Darajat Geothermal plant, focused on main steam and circulating water systems. I gave my resume and suggestions for problems I found, and also for tuning the PIC controller.

Jan 2015June 2017



I tutor junior and high school students about their school subjects, such as Physics, Math, Chemistry and Biology privately.

Volunteer Experiences



Palang Merah Remaja Indonesia
June 2015June 2016


KERSOS (Kerja Sosial) Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia 2016


Feb 2017June 2017

Self-Balancing Robot

Electrical Engineering Department, Universitas Indonesia

Designed and created the electrical parts, mechanical parts, and integrated control system for 2-wheeled self-balancing robot using Arduino Mega as the microcontroller. 

May 2016June 2017

Design of Distributed Predictive Controller for Consensus of Single-integrator Multi-agent Systems


Studied, designed and analyzed a distributed predictive controller for consensus of single-integrator multi-agent systems, using a distributed model predictive control (DMPC) method.


Microsoft Office
General Control System
C Programming


References available upon request.