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Work experience


Mine Manager Merriespruit 1

Harmony Gold
  • Business management of core production unit reporting to the Harmony Board
  • Business leadership
  • Financial expert for production unit
  • Custodian of cost containment systems, processes, structures and technologies
  • Lead productivity enhancements

Shaft Manager Harmony 2 Shaft

Harmony Gold
  • Business management of core production unit reporting to the Harmony Board
  • Business leadership
  • Financial expert for production unit
  • Custodian of cost containment systems, processes, structures and technologies
  • Lead productivity enhancements
Mar 20022009

General Manager Supply Chain - Harmony Group

Harmony Gold
  • Lead operational, capital and strategic procurement activities
  • Tender board chair
  • Vendor administration leadership
  • Lead business development including broad based black economic empowerment
  • Initiate low cost country sourcing strategies
  • Lead warehousing and distribution strategy
  • Lead inventory management (including Catalogue Management) strategies
  • Lead demand management strategy
  • Lead marketing strategy (implementation of War Room concept)
  • Lead ERP (Oracle) implementation and development effort
  • Lead business practise enhancement and development (including ERP implementation, best practice benchmarking, audits, governance)
  • Lead People Edge creation (including the people edge program and the constructive leadership and culture initiative)
Oct 2001Mar 2002

Member of services/organizational re-engineering workgroup for the Harmony Group

Harmony Gold
  • Re-engineering the way Harmony does business internally
  • Active member of services redefinition team
  • Contributor to group empowerment matrix workshop
Aug 1999Dec 2000

Management Accountant Brand 5 Shaft

Harmony Gold
  • Introduced cost accounting to shaft
  • Custodian of budgeting process
  • Developed procedures and controls
  • Successfully managed cost reduction and productivity
  • Financial lead
  • Governance custodian
Oct 1997Aug 1999

Business Manager Workshops

Harmony Gold
  • Successfully changed a service department into a repair and reconditioning business
  • Business leadership
  • Financial expert for services business
  • Lead productivity enhancements
  • Operating cost reduction
Jun 1997Aug 1997

Financial Manager Internal Reclamation and Reconditioning Business

Harmony Gold
  • Developed policies, processes, procedures and controls for a subsidiary company
  • Developed a costing and pricing strategy
  • Developed a revenue management strategy
  • Determined hardware requirements to enhance controls and procedures
May 1996Jun 1997

Management Accountant Merriespruit 1 Shaft

Harmony Gold
  • Introduced cost accounting to shaft
  • Developed procedures and controls
  • Successfully managed cost reduction and productivity enhancement
  • Financial lead
  • Governance custodian
Oct 1995Apr 1996

Assistant Cost Accountant Steyn 2 Shaft

  • Introduced cost accounting to shaft
  • Developed procedures and controls
  • Successfully managed cost reduction and productivity enhancement
  • Financial lead
  • Governance custodian
  • Aug 1994Oct 1995

    Accounts Supervisor

    • Cost and financial reporting
    • Cost systems administration
    • Budget coordination
    Jan 1994Aug 1994

    Special Clerk

    Harmony Gold
    • Inventory control
    • Purchasing
    • Accounts payable control


    Sanlam Academy
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    BLDP (part time)

    University of Johannesburg (Wits Business School)

    CPO development program

    McKinsey Academy

    MBA (part time)

    North West University

    B.Com. Hon. (Economics) (part time)

    North West University

    B.Com. (General)

    North West University


    1. Successful and sustainable cost reduction of 20% at Merriespruit 1 Shaft during 1996-1997
    2. Establishing an breakeven internal Workshop business in 1998
    3. Successfully and sustainably turning H2 shaft's losses around in 2000
    4. Successfully and sustainably turning M1 mine's losses around in 2001
    5. Implementing strategic sourcing in Harmony in 2007 and achieving R 65mil (ZAR) cost reduction in 2008
    6. Industry lead BBBEE performance of 30% in 2005 and 2006
    7. 80% service rating in 2008
    8. Increased availability of critical stock to  98% in 2008
    9. Successfully transformed the Harmony Supply chain to a best of breed mining supply chain in 2008
    10. Completed a leadership impact (LI) intervention and organizational culture index (OCI) in 2008
    11. Successful Oracle re-implementation go-life in 2008
    12. Developed a comprehensive external cost break down structure and actively link it to world wide base of economic and financial indices in 2008
    13. Developed a comprehensive best of breed Supply Chain definition of Victory in 2008


    I lead the definition and development of activities, processes, technology, people and financial requirements and the fulfilment thereof, of organizations' integrated cost containment requirements, in order to ensure alignment with and support to the development and achieving of the organization's strategic business objectives.

    Recently, as Head of Supply Chain I provided strategic leadership and integrated supply chain strategy, lead cost containment strategies amongst changing industry and world economic trends and constantly build the organization's sustained competitive advantage.

    I strongly believe that people hold the key to any success.  It is therefore my responsibility to create a stable, able and committed leadership team who determines and meets the required business results by constructively leading our people.

    My key performance areas are:

    • Leading the strategic planning process
    • Integrating operational budgeting with cost containment imperatives
    • Seamlessly transforming the organization in optimizing cost containment
    • Broader organization supply chain strategy
    • Creating and sustaining client satisfaction
    • Building external spend strategies to enhance bottom-line profitability (including low cost country sourcing)
    • Optimal process and technology enablement strategies
    • Working Capital Optimization
    • Creating a People Edge
    • Building a system to measure and report on trends and key performance areas
    • Constructive relationship leadership
    • Capital and project procurement optimization
    • Governance and Compliance
    • Operating expense strategy and management

     Short term success indicators

    • Architecting and managing the budgeting and budget control process
    • Building and managing the organizations cost containment scorecard
    • Change managing stakeholder participation in containing the organizations cost
    • Architecting a sustainable integrated supply chain strategy
    • Developing and implementing short and long term plans that significantly reduce cost across the entire supply chain while increasing competitiveness of the organization in the market place.
    • Building a high performance supply chain team that has a passion for execution excellence and commitment to delivering best results whilst constructively leading our people
    • Building and fostering strategicpartnerships with suppliers, distributors, and customers
    • Developing and sustaining profound knowledge of the requirements for "best-in-class" SCM capabilities and the integration there-off with organizational requirements (including solid skills and working knowledge of state of the art SCM and ERP IT systems - both implementation and operational capability)
    • Identifying, developing and executing change and process improvement initiatives, including excellent project management skills
    • Being able to lead business by understanding and impacting how business and supply chain decisions impact financial deliverables
    • Sustainably build and comply with the organization's licensing requirements (including business development and Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (specific to the South African context))

    Leadership behavior (as per the 'Human Synergistics International' Leadership Impact (LI) index)

    With regards to:

    • Organizational effectiveness
    1. I am a visionary future orientated leader
    2. I enhance others' productivity
    3. I empower people
    4. I bring out the best in people
    5. I emphasize long term effectiveness but can balance it with shorter a term performance focus when required
    6. I promote organizational adaptability
    • Personal effectiveness
    1. I generally am relaxed and at ease but am also able to create tension when required
    2. I accept feedback constructively
    3. I am interested in self development
    • Impact on others
    1. I lead people to take ownership
    2. I lead people to strive for excellence
    3. I lead people to take initiative when opportunities arise
    4. I lead people to broaden their skills and capabilities
    5. I lead people to think uniquely and in independent ways
    6. I lead people to maintain integrity and personal standards
    • Leadership strategies
    1. I create and communicate a clear vision and am clear about what is acceptable and what not (value driven)
    2. I believe in setting an example for others and expect it of my leaders as well
    3. I challenge people to be creative and think differently
    4. I give people sincere feedback
    5. I influence others by being open to their influence on me
    6. I focus on the availability of information and create a culture that allows people to grow

    Personal characteristics

    1. I am analytical and give adequate attention to trends and patterns
    2. I am attentive to detail
    3. I am dedicated to build performance excellence over time
    4. I prefer an open minded approach and am an option thinker
    5. I excel in building a culture of achievement

    Unique economic value proposition

    My value proposition is what distinguishes me from the next competent person.It has been uniquely crafted from experience, exposure, education and subject specific learning and I passionately integrate it in leading organizations to success.

    Cost containment

    Having been moulded in a comprehensive cost management system, my recent supply chain exposure rounds my ability to plan for and control expenditure with the ability to influence spend patterns.I understand how to facilitate commodity classification, the understanding of procurement responsibility, the need for and competence to lead cross functional and cross business collaboration, strategic sourcing structures, stakeholder steering committees, train the organization in the strategic sourcing process, the construction and maintenance of a benefits model, the audit of results, accurate and regular reporting, stakeholder and the resulting change management and to comprehensively integrate cost reduction initiatives with financial budgeting, governance and control processes.

    Transformational leadership

    As constructive leader my critical responsibilities are the creation of a stretch future vision, leading the process of transformation and directing alignment.I do not belief my role to be the brightest star atop the Xmas tree but rather the switch next to the tree, providing the current so that the lights on the tree can unlock their potential and shine more brightly than ever.  I actively and successfully lead the process to sustain transformation imperatives.

    Business acumen

    I believe that business is in business to make money but socially responsibly so and not to the detriment of others.Every part of what I do serves to responsibly increase the bottom-line.

    Lateral thinking

    I have an inquisitive mind and I actively drive a systems approach to thinking - calling for a compelling but stretch picture of the future and then laying the foundation to fill the gap from the current.I understand that being in touch with systems and movement outside of the organization provides options to create a different future.There always is an alternative.

    Information driven decision making

    I treasure the speed, accuracy and reliability of information for decisive and pro-active decision making.

    Unique positioning of governance

    I clearly understand that governance is not about finding the biggest stick but about enhancing effectiveness.I therefore position the governance system as critical driver of policy, process, activity and system improvement.

    Integrated supply chain experience

    My recent integrated supply chain experience gives testimony to my drive to optimize the chain rather than the events in the chain.I understand how to integrate a cost containment drive into the full procure to pay cycle, contracting, strategic sourcing, administration, transport, risk management, customer service, inventory and warehousing, with a distinctive people edge and optimal technology and process utilization, to return improved ROI for the organization.

    Integrated financial experience

    I integrate my knowledge of financial planning with cost containment initiatives, lead funding drives, manage stock levels and cash and debt cycles, direct systems and reporting and build effective audit practices to give operations the required edge and reduce unnecessary noise.

    Holistic approach

    Very few systems survive independently.I understand that processes and activities are dependent on a spider’s web of interrelated connections and relationships. I believe that transformation is dependent on an approach that comprehensively deals with the various considerations.

    Self starter

    To live with integrity and be the custodian of honesty, I hold dearly.Firstly being honest with myself results in an appetite to do and make a difference – I do not need a starter gun and is self directed to achieve.

    Life objective

    I passionately lead my fellow journeymen/women in visibly co-creating and bettering the world we live in.


    • Promoted to lead Workshop turn-around team in 1998
    • Awarded MBA degree at North West University in 2000
    • First financially qualified person to be appointed as Mine Manager in RSA gold industry in 2000
    • Part of an elite group to be awarded a Harmony Board performance bonus in 2002
    • Chosen to be part of a Group Services Restructuring Team in 2002
    • Constantly awarded top 10% Performance Share Allocation from 2000 till 2004
    • First non mining leader to receive CEO Big Bull Award for outstanding contribution in 2004
    • Represented Harmony at various business, regional and social developmental forums from 2004-2009
    • Open Randfontein Business Development Centre in corporation with Town Council in 2006
    • Represented Harmony at Umsobovo Youth Mentorship Program in 2008
    • Recognized by FD for role in  successful Oracle reimplementation in 2008


    Family - My wife, 2 sons and my daughter is the energy in my day.  We are close knit and care to see each other excel.

    Golf - I play of a 17 handicap and enjoy challenging my own abilities.  Furthermore, I treasure spending time in the open and creating a relaxed space for thinking.

    Rugby - I am the dedicated coach of a team of 9 year olds.  It is amazing to see how they grow as their skills sharpen.

    Cricket - I teach 8 and 9 year olds the basics of the game and enjoy transforming the results of under rated teams. 


    Muldersdrif Primary School - Member of Governing Body
    I am the scribe of the governing body and further advise them on strategic matters.
    Dutch Reform Church - Advisory Board Member
    I advise the board on stategic and financial matters.


    Drinie Posthuma

    Heinz Pley

    John Van Wyk

    Abre Van Vuuren

    Garrie Schutte