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Work experience


HOCO Entertainment and Resorts

I have worked at many different stations for HOCO. I have worked at Boston Pizza, as well as Kelsey's, both as a cook.

Feb 2012Present

line cook


I work in the Durham college's, South Village residence cafeteria as a line cook. I serve the students their food while maintaining clean and healthy work space. I also prepare food for the next day, in order to stay organized.

May 2011Aug 2011


Great Wolf Lodge


Sep 2011Present

Durham College

I am currently enrolled at Durham College for Small Business and Entrepreneurship. With this course I wish to open my own bakery after completion. I hope to learn all that is needed to maintain and grow my business to be successful.

Sep 2010Aug 2011

Bakers Certificate

Niagara College

In this course I have learned the basics and essentials for baking. I have learned how to bake a cake properly and ice it as well. I have also learned about every field of baking through my baking theory class. In this class I have also learned that baking is not like cooking, but more of a science than anything. It has helped me towards my dream of owning my own bakery.

Sep 2009Apr 2010

Chef Training Certificate

Niagara College

In the Chef Training course, I have learned about cooking various styles of dishes. I have learned about cooking styles around the world, and I have learned about food in general. This course was the stepping stone to continue my education on to baking. Have had theory classes as well as hands on training with multiple Certified Chefs.


My name is Joshua Robinson. I am a highly motivated student attending Durham college for small business and entrepreneurship. I have already graduated two years of college at Niagara College for culinary arts. 

Social Media Sites


Social media Social media has allowed everyday citizens to become authors, editors, and publishers of news and information.  Do you believe that social media has increased the quality of news and information or decreased it? I believe that social media has increased the quality of news and information, by collecting multiple view points from different sources of information. It also allows the access of a wide variety of networks that an author or publisher can view. By allowing the person to view the network they are trying to access, they will be able to pinpoint direct information, and also correct any false information that they have written. The quality has also increased because of the quantity that it is now being viewed at. Anyone and everyone can log on to any social network of their choice and now by shear connection or on purpose look at the story that was written or published over the internet. Along with the quantity come all the comments on the posts. It is just one big chain of events that all turn into a vicious circle in the end leading back to the original publisher. The perfect example is this blog; for instance as you are reading this many thoughts come to mind, then you see a point you may or may not agree with, at this point you will comment. When that is all said and done, I will see said comment, and improve or contradict any point you have made, therefore improving the quality of this article.                 Given the many circumstances that social media has allowed us to connect with everyone, I will also disagree with the quality of certain articles. As many people look at the information, many people may have the same view. They all may disagree with a certain part of the story and request that it be changed or altered in a specific way. This may not be the wisest choice, because that part may be the truth that no one wants to face. The pressure from multiple comments may insist on the publisher to reconsider what they wrote and take down the point so many disagree with. I believe that the pressure most of us create over and through social media, and even today’s technology has changed many story’s from being full of quality information down to small blurbs in which people get to a direct point.


Jun 2011Jun 2014

Level A CPR

St. Johns Ambulance
Mar 2009Mar 2014

Safe Food Handling

Niagara Region Public Health