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Joshua Mc Kenty

Senior Director, Platform Ecosystem at Pivotal Software, Inc.


Innovation Rockstar - Team Building Champion

Seasoned technology leader with the rare ability to bridge technology and business domains, steering innovative R&D efforts towards business-relevant outcomes.

Over 10 years professional experience in the technology sector, and worked in virtually every aspect of it. A trong background in software development, leveraged to provide insightful business analysis. Leadership roles have included team, project, and technology lead positions, as well as Director and CTO positions, in startups and mid-size enterprises.

Work experience

May 2008Present Web Architect

NASA Ames Research Center

Architect and team lead for the development of a massively-scalable web application framework, serving next-gen open APIs for mashups and rich web2.0 wbe applications built upon NASA's data.

Jun 2006Jun 2007

Senior Engineer / UX Engineer

Started with the Flock browser team on version 0.75, and helped carry it forward through the 1.0 launch.

Established the Canadian office for Flock, now the headquarters for Flock's engineering team. Recruited key members of the team.

Developed key innovations that continue to drive Flock's product roadmap, including in-house tools for development of "micro-editions".

Jun 2001Jun 2006

"Amigo" (Joint CTO)

Mercurial Communications, Corp.

I started with Mercurial as employee #15, helped to grow the company to more than 100 employees, and annual revenue in excess of $10M.

As a Technical and Team Lead for the Browser Team at Mercurial Communications, I drove forward engineering efforts, while keeping a 30-man team working together during an 18-month long development cycle.

I dealt with requirements analysis, from business objectives down into implementation details; maintained morale; recruited personnel and built the team; delivered a world-class product. At its peak, NS8 had over 8 million unique daily users.

I finished my tenure at Mercurial as Joint-CTO, directing an 85-man engineering team while we managed up to 40 concurrent projects for several dozen individual clients. This also included strategic management of the Mercurial Data Center, which hosted systems for the City of Victoria, AOL/Netscape, and the Canadian Gov't.


William Harbin III

Worked directly with William during development of the Netscape Browser, and other projects for AOL/Netscape.

Clayton Stark

Worked with Clayton when he was COO at Mercurial Communications, Inc., and then again when he joined me at Flock.



Software Development
Started writing software in 1984, on an APCO, at the age of 7.   Shipped commercial software, for various clients from Fortune 100 to small business, solo and working with teams up to 65 people, in 15 languages, on 5 major hardware platforms (from embedded ARM/XScale to the iPhone, Windows 3.1 to Server 2005, Solaris to Ubuntu).   Specialties include RAD (Rapid Application Development), prototyping, high-level business requirements and architecture.
Team Management
Built teams: helped to hire 65 people, in less than 6 months, with retention of over 95% two years later.
Object Oriented Design