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Born in Tel Aviv in 1953, Joshua Z. Levinberg is one of Israel’s foremost and esteemed businessmen with a long list of accomplishments and achievements.After completing high school at the Ohel Shem School in Ramat Gan, famous for its well-known alumnus such as leading Israeli politicians and writers and other popular entrepreneurs, Levinberg went on to continue his education at the Tel Aviv University and graduated in electronics and electrical engineering with a B.Sc.

Gilat Satellite Networks

Joshua Levinberg proceeded to make some major investments and became involved in the establishment of companies that have gained market presence worldwide and whereby their principal activities are in the technology and telecommunications field.

In 1987 he co-founded Gilat Satellite Networks which today has 16 offices in different locations around the globe.Gilat is a publicly trading company (NASDAQ: GILT) and develops products worldwide that provide end to end solutions for satellite and hybrid networking services and are leaders in their field providing services and communication service providers equally.Gilat’s main market offering is the VSAT which is a two-way satellite ground station that delivers dependable data and internet facilities and is used by communication corporations.These VSAT’s are marketed under a family of products called SkyEdge and provide a worldwide service by offering video and voice formats to governments, multi-national companies and to an extensive clientele.

With over 1000 employees, today Gilat has 16 offices worldwide, a universal service existing of operators in 85 different countries and also owns 21 subsidiaries located around the globe.

One of the subsidiaries under Gilat is Spacenet Inc. which is a provider of wireless broadband services to industrial and governmental establishments located in North America.

Levinberg holds the current position of Senior Advisor for Business Development and Corporate Strategy of Gilat Satellite Networks following his role as Senior Vice President of Business Development.Previous to holding that position, he relocated to the USA and had the title of Executive Vice President and General Manager on the opening of the subsidiary of Gilat Inc.Following the company’s inauguration and prior to his relocation, Levinberg functioned as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

Supplementary Ventures

While preserving his connections with Gilat, Joshua Levinberg began to undertake new ventures and together with his brother, Amiram Levinberg, established JAL Ventures in 2003.JAL’s aim was to establish value in early revenue stage companies via a mixture of business and funding support by strong partners.Under the JAL Ventures canopy, the Levinberg brothers have invested in numerous companies such as GoNetworks, Den Tack and Matan Digital Printers and have enjoyed few departures since JAL’s formation.

Private Time

In a personal interview, Joshua Levinberg publicized some private facts and confessed that proverbs impress him greatly and frequently during meetings, he would jot down on paper, certain sayings that arose. He imagined publishing these proverbs and even had the title ready for the book he was going to publish.Levinberg also revealed that he would like to be a saxophonist and a ski instructor in his next life.

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