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Work experience

Feb 2013Apr 2015

Shift Supervisor

Country Buffet

I trained new Employees, closed down the restaurant. Learned how to work every position so that when my assistance was needed to cover a shift or work specific positions different days I was able to do so. I also made sure the Restaurant was up to speed, being cleaned, stocked, and made sure the employees I was supervising over knew their tasks and what needed to be done that day, as well as making sure it was done in a timely and clean manner. 


Jan 2009Jan 2009

Finished High School Education


Text Section

I think that i would be a great addition to the Mile High NFL Job Crew, because I believe this career would be a great experience, it would build up Employment experience as well as let me learn how to be a hard working employee at Mile High NFL Jobs, and it will help be learn more about  Mile High and different NFL  jobs avalible. Giving me the opportunity to grow more into this career, moving up into a management position if the option occurs, and  if i find it suitable for the situation I appear to be in at that time. Mile High NFL Jobs highly interest me, and I would love to be able to show the potential I have in being a hard and motivated worker, as well as Having a Great attitude, and always being helpful to customers, and employees around me. 


My Skills:

Fast Learner

Quick On any Tasks Given by Employer

Great Listener


Hard Worker.

Willing to learn and work multiple Job Positions.

Work Well with Other Employees.


Megan Fuller

[email protected] 

3129 South Bryant Street, Sheridan Co. 80110


Beth Fuller

3129 South Bryant Street, Sheridan Co. 80110


Dawn Kram

5238 East Warren Ave. Apt. D Denver, Co. 80222