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Being from the Mid-West and now living here in South Florida, I have been exposed to a wide variety of culture across several walks-of-life the last few years.  This has helped with my sales and marketing skills, especially my Social Media skills when it comes to marketing.  Graduating with a degree in Sports Communication and Telecommunications, I am very comfortable communicating across several platforms and getting the message delivered clearly and effectively.  My skills and expertise include: 

- Sales/Marketing                                                                                   - SEO

- Social Media (Building and maintaining accounts)             - Business Development        

- Content Marketing (Blog, Webinar, Podcast)                         - Events/Promotions

- Customer Service                                                                                - Networking

Work experience

Nov 2015Present

Digital Marketing Coordinator

M1 Data & Analytics
Providing our clients with the exact data and tools for the perfect marketing strategy, time and time again. Allowing you to connect and target with the ideal and most responsive customer, M1 has become one of the most trusted sources for data/analytics throughout numerous industries. No more hoping for a marketing strategy or campaign to work. Let us do the hard work to help propel your marketing strategy! Generating leads and new clients is currently my main duty at M1 Data & Analytics. I currently handle all of our Digital Marketing on each of our Social Media platforms we currently operate - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Please follow us on Twitter @ M1Data
Sep 2015Present

Sales & Promotions Coordinator


Similar to a Fan Duel or Draft Kings, DraftFury, is a 7-Level Referral Program built in to a daily fantasy sports website.  I currently handle all of my personal Social Media efforts as well as promoting the site and increasing DraftFury's presence.  Constantly  making posts on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram.


Business Account Executive


MetroNet is a 100% Fiber-based internet, phone and cable company (Very similar to a Comcast, U-Verse, etc.)  On top of handling all new commercial accounts for the Central Region of Indiana,  I was constantly contacting companies and business owners across the state.  This has helped tremendously not only with my sales skills, but even more so my marketing skills.  



Sports Communication

Indiana University

Bachelor of Science



-Creating Account/Profile and maintaining account

-Daily/Weekly/Monthly posts to page

-Contests/Promotions/Give-Aways on page

-Increase "Likes" and Followers of page

-Links to other Social Media accounts

-Company pictures, videos, etc.


Creating Account/Profile and maintaining account

-Daily/Weekly/Monthly posts to page

-Contests/Promotions/Give-Aways on page

-Increase "Likes" "Re-tweets" and Followers on page

-Understand use of hashtags and their value ##

-Can create "Lists" to help break down Twitter following (competitors, employees, mentors, etc.)

-Links to other Social Media accounts


-Creating Account/Profile and maintaining account

-Experience in photography (journalism and photography classes while at I.U.)

-Understand the use of hashtags and their value ##

-Contests/Promotions/Give Aways on page

-Increase "Likes" and Followers on page

-Up to date on what is trending and what will help your brand


-Creating Blog and domain name for Blog

-Finding and creating valuable content

-Incorporating your brand/company with the Blog

-Sharing Blog on numerous Social Media platforms

-Creating "Evergreen" content (Content that will be valuable not only now, but in the years to come)

-Content will answer questions from customers, tell the brand's story, open lines of communication for company and consumer


A weekly blog covering several topics including - Social Media, Marketing/Sales, Data & Analytics, Content Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and loads of other interesting topics I promise not to bore you with!