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Work experience


Harvard University
Lecturer, and Hebrew University, Israel,. Conducted linguistic research; developed and taught graduate-level courses. Published a book, as well as articles in leading research journals. Advising, Consulting, Volunteering Served as Research Associate for the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. Researched AI risk, published in popular and peer-reviewed journals, built alliances with academia. Advised a social networking startup in implementing a Web 2.0 application for a non-profit. Wrote a strategic marketing White Paper as a consultant for Mainsoft. Taught seminars in Israel and Canada on JDBC, RMI, servlets, etc. Launched a successful national-level struggle against shale oil retorting in a national park. Began programming in 1983 on Commodore 64.

Senior Software Architect

VocalTec Communications
Senior Software Architect,, Israel,. Architected, designed and coded(in Java, C, JavaScript, etc.) a clustered Internet collaboration system, through multiple product cycles. Responsible for core components including the server, firewall-tunneling, and firewall detection systems. Led a team developing core distributed components. Represented company at the Iorenternet Engineering Task Force to ensure alignment of standards with corporate priorities. Positioned company as technical leader by speaking at major conferences and publishing in software engineering journals. Filed and commercialized 2 patents and a trademark.

Chief Software Architect

Unicorn Solutions
Chief Software Architect, (acquired by IBM), Israel,. Architected, designed, prototyped, and developed(in Java, Python, SQL, etc.) software for the enterprise Semantic Web, through multiple product cycles. Continually improved software development practices, including automated testing and code quality. Led team in developing next-gen metamodeling software infrastructure, which was ultimately adopted by IBM as infrastructure for key information management products. Built mindshare by evangelizing the company's technologies to technical and business audiences by speaking at industry conferences, and publishing in major publications. Helped gain early-adopter customers through technical pre-sales. Assumed responsibility for government-funded R&D project making up a large fraction of the company's annual revenue. Identified misdefinition that would lead to failure; by redefining and renegotiating scope, rescued the project and the revenue. Filed and commercialized 5 patents.

Principal Architect

Mercury Interactive
Principal Architect(Director), (acquired by HP), Israel,. Drove integration across seven P&L product lines by building cross-company executive buy-in; initiated full product-suite integration at HP after acquisition. Architected company-wide product integration using Service Oriented Architecture, an Enterprise Service Bus, and a common information model.

Project Lead, Development Manager

Project Lead, Development Manager, Israel Software Labs, Created and led a new privacy product, the Guardium Redaction system, using information extraction and optical character recognition. Starting with the business concept, arranged funding(at the bottom of the recession), led productization, marketed the product, and took it to growing revenue, exceeding targets. Led development, defined specs and algorithms, coded(Java, JavaScript, C++, etc.), guided development practices, wrote White Paper, gained mindshare through conference talks and publications. Filed and commercialized 12 patents. Launched and led seed projects, including metadata mining and indoor navigation. Initiated country-wide community of IBM technical leaders, for the first time ever.


Co-founder,. io, Launched SaaS for efficient recruiting of technical professionals. Marketed, published in high-traffic websites, coded(Heroku Rails/JavaScript), acquired customers, built alliances.


Harvard University Open University


Brandeis University

PHD Doctorate

Harvard University


optical character recognition