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Hard working and dedicated manager. Motivated not only from a financial stand-point but also by helping people and making their lives better. Also enjoy working with a team to achieve better results and exceed goals.

Work experience


Corporate Trainer

New Acquisitions

Corporate Trainer: Started as a Client Representative providing DirecTV for consumers inside of Costco and promoted to Corporate Trainer in three weeks. Help develop new Client Reps while building a team to help be the #1 office around the country in applications of DirecTV sold and installed.


Sales Manager

Gold's Gym

Sales Manager: Started as Front Desk Associate after leaving Law Enforcement. Promotion with-in first 3 months of employment to Fitness Consultant. Consistently met and exceeded department expectations for productivity and accuracy levels. Identify prospective customers using lead generating methods and performing an average of 40 cold calls per day. Train new and upcoming Sales employees to ensure correct work habits and proper closing abilities. Develop promotional programs to optimize revenue levels.


Correctional Officer

Lexington County Sheriffs Dept

Correctional Officer: Wrote hourly and daily reports regarding inmate behavior. Supervised inmates during meals, visits, recreation, telephone calls and shower time. Implemented defensive tactics and physical restraints to maintain the safety and security of personnel and the general public. Monitored inmate behavior to prevent crime, escape attempts and other dangerous activities.




Columbia Southern University

Studying Business Administration


Customer Service

Able to to compete customers happy even when they're enraged by a factor I can not control.


Can focus on more than one thing or more than one project at a time with-out losing focus.

Exceed Goals

A history of achieving goals in a shorter amount of time period than the average person. Also achieve better results than the average person.

Interpersonal Communication

Excel in being able to get information to be easily understood by another person and understanding what that person says as well.

People skills

Able to communicate with a variety of people

Quick learner

Quickly learn and retain new information

Proficient in Excel

Able to utilize Excel in more than a basic way.