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Career Statement

My area of experience, interest, and expertise involves trauma, crisis, and sexuality cases in the adolescent to mid-adulthood population. I enjoy working in private practice, agencies, and via private contracting and would enjoy offering my services to any volunteering network or nonprofit specializing in the areas of mental illness, human service, and human sexuality. I advocate passionately for the LGBTQ+ culture, hoping to bring about change and reform in the American culture's view of this population. 

Work History


Head of Safety/ Member Services Represenative

Planet Fitness
  • Manage Reports and Club Members
  • Create positive customer and consumer interaction.
  • Achieve and manage daily tasks such as maintenance of location, computer competency, and guest services
  • Utilize team and independent strategies to achieve monthly goals and tasks
  • Encourage and display a positive work environment
  • Create and display leadership traits when preforming daily tasks
  • Utilize time appropriately and efficiently

Group Facilitator

Greene County Gay Straight Alliance
  • Create group materials and paperwork fro the success of the group.
  • Lead in dynamic conversation with group members.
  • Educate members on diverse topics of sexuality.
  • Manage and lead a group size of 20 or more members.
  • Adhere to confidentiality policies.
  • Intervene and prevent conflict within the group setting.
  • Customize group topics based n group needs.
  • Create a safe and reliable space for group members to meet.

Intern and Office Staff

Associates of Counseling and Wellness, LLC
  • Observed and monitored client behavior and responses to treatment.
  • Conducted therapeutic individual and family therapy sessions.
  • Developed and implemented treatment plans and modified when needed.
  • Conducted 20 one-on-one counseling sessions per week.
  • Collected and analyzed data on individual clients using records, tests, interviews and professional sources.
  • Explained available substance abuse treatment services to clients.
  • Consulted with clients when developing long term treatment plan goals and objectives.
  • Manage and facilitate Group Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Apply client centered, Gestalt, CBT, DBT, and EMDR practices on a case by case basis



M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Walden University

B.A in Psychology

Waynesburg University
  • GPA: 3.83
  • Minor in Arts




Waynesburg University's Psychology Club

Provide an interactive and experiential meeting linking together psychology and student interactions both on and off campus to further understand the impact and information of the field of psychology


Certified Peer Educator


Providing a safe and professional outlet for fellow peers on issues such as puclic health and safety, physical, mental, and emotional abuse support, and general leaderships in and around the community.