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Work experience

Jun 2014Aug 2014

WASH Intern

Uganda Village Project
  • Intern with Water and Sanitation ( WASH) Project Team.
  • Lived in a village (Namunkesu) while working in a total of six villages in the surrounding area.
  • Held meetings with village leaders (local councils, village health teams, and Water User Committees) to build capacity and collectively brainstorm interventions for pressing health issues related to WASH.
  • Facilitated networks and built relationships between the village, the local government, district, and locally based NGO's. 
  • Planned and held multiple health education sessions in villages and primary schools discussing the health implications of untreated drinking water and poor sanitation and hygiene. 
  • Conducted household surveys observing domestic uses of water, what types of sources used (open pond, shallow well, etc.), distance travelled to sources, and allocation of water for everyday tasks.
  • Conducted SWOT (Srength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats) analyses for villages in which we worked. Assessed conditions of community assets and future challenges related to water and health.
Jun 2013Aug 2013

Food Security and Livelihoods Intern

World Vision, Inc
  • Conducted research for International development proposals to USAID, World Food Programe, and USDA for grants on projects in DRC, Nicaragua, and Somalia.
  • Supported projects in Water Sanitation and Hygiene, agri-business, Food for Education, value chains for staple foods and disaster mitigation in developing countries.
  • Analyzed proposals, budget allocations, and implementations into project summaries for possible donors.
  • Facilitated weekly team meetings and discussions. 
Oct 2012May 2014


Renner & Company, Certified Public Accountants
  • Firm Administrator Responsible for running all company expense reports and payroll for all staff.
  • Served as administrator and customer support for Portal, the online server for secure transmission of documents between clients and staff.
  • Daily responsibilities included: basic accounting, account reconciliation, drafting and proofreading correspondences to the IRS, assembling individual and business tax returns, financial statements, and payroll forms. 
  • First point of contact for current and prospective clients 


Jan 2014May 2016


Virginia Tech

Specialization: International Development and Water infrastructure

Notable Coursework: Advanced Infrastructure Planning, Advanced International Development Planning and Policy

Aug 2008May 2012


Virginia Tech

Concentration: World Politics and Policies.

Minor: Asian Area Studies

GPA: 3.21

Notable Coursework: Nations and Nationalities, Global Economy and World Politics, Comparative Government and Politics, International Law and Organizations, History of the Middle East

Personal Introduction

Get to know who a little about me!

Healthy Villages Initiative Final Report

This is a final report of the work that I was a part of in Uganda while volunteering for Uganda Village Project. It was written together with my five team members and contains all the activities that we carried out in the villages, assessments and SWOT analyses of health in the communities, and specific health interventions, data, and surveys.

Volunteer Experience

Summer Camp English Teacher - ZhengZhou, China (Summer 2007, 2008)

  • Served as a volunteer English teacher at All Nations Language School summer camp
  • Taught beginner's Speaking and Listening English as well as leading discussions for Advanced English students
  • Prepared and coordinated lesson plans and games with fellow teachers
  • Prepared conversation-based games and movie nights for English Corner

Soup Kitchen and Native Reserve Volunteer - B.C., Canada (Summer 2005, 2006)

  • Assisted various homeless shelters and soup kitchens in downtown Vancouver
  • Planned and helped operate a VBS (vacation bible study) summer camp for children living on native reserves 


Experience researching trends of funding for USAID and other large donor agencies in international development and aid. Experience researching agricultural history and practices, value chains in food crops, and demand and supply chains in developing nations.
Community engagement
Experience in calling ad hoc meetings within the community, talking to a variety of stakeholders, and balancing the varying interests of local residents.
Fluent in speaking and listening
Mandarin Chinese
Proficent in speaking and listening
Proposal drafting and writing
Aided in research and drafting of several proposals for development and disaster mitigation projects with World Vision International. Proposals were submitted to USAID, USDA, and World Food Programme