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Superior Lubricants

Make deliveries

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Us foods

Perform all pre-trip responsibilities including: obtaining and reviewing driver itinerary, checking route numbers and account numbers for assigned deliveries, counting items and checking CUSTOMER INVOICES of products that have been loaded, moving tractors to the loading dock to attach the preloaded trailers, completing required trailer temperature checks and performing pre-trip safety check inspections of trucks and trailers according to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

Drive to and deliver customer orders to meet the scheduled customer times and maintain adequate productivity rate to meet delivery schedules. Use electronic TIME KEEPING SYSTEM to log in time at customer site.

Visually SURVEY customer's site during the approach to determine hazards.

Unload products from the trailer with a hand truck or by hand and place items in designated CUSTOMER STORAGE areas.

Verify delivery of correct items with customer and obtain proper signatures. Collect money (cash or checks) where required. Contact division management for authorization of invoice discrepancies and communicate all errors and returns.

As requested by management, drive backhauls which requires picking up product from vendors and bring back to warehouse for receiving while staying within DOT Hours of Service (HOS) regulations.

Return tractor and trailer to division when route is completed.

Perform all post-trip responsibilities: unloading damaged goods and customer returns and completing necessary paperwork; performing safety checks on the truck and trailer, unhooking and securing the trailer; fueling (as required by the division); parking and securing the tractor and hand truck; completing DOT logs (electronic or manual as required) and company vehicle maintenance reports (DVIR) and reconcile these with the appropriate company representative as required.

Attend all required company meetings and adhere to all safety practices and company policies.

Follow division shift times and CONTINUE until the work is completed within DOT HOS regulations. Some Holiday, Saturday, Sunday, and overnight deliveries may be required.

Must satisfactorily complete all company mandated trainings and assessments.

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Deli Clerk

Mc Cafferey's

West Winsor, NJ Deli Clerk Cut delicatessen meats and cheeses, using slicing machine, knives, and other cutters. Positioned and clamped meat and cheese on carriage of slicing machine. Stacked cut pieces on trays and platters, separating portions with paper. Made sandwiches for the customers. Pressed button to start motor that moved carriage past rotary blade that sliced meats and cheeses. Weighed and wrapped sliced foods and affixed sticker showing price and weight. Washed worktables, walls, refrigerators and meat blocks. Segregated and removed trash and garbage and placed it in designated containers. Successfully handled customers in a timely manner.


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