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Joshua Harrison

Preventive Dentistry NCO Army Reserve/ Student

Work experience

Jul 2007Present

Preventive Dentistry Specialist 

United States Army Dental Corps. 

Independent dental provider providing prophylactic dental cleaning using the treatment plan provided by the dentist. Reviewed and updated dental charts to include taking new dental bite-wing x-rays as well as comprehensive panoramic dental x-rays. Provided individualized hygiene instructions to patients to help prevent dental decay and oral pathology abnormalities. Customized and fitted dental mouth guards and provided diagnostic castings of the dentition for the dentist for review in use of orthodontics and periodontics. Assisted as a dental assistant to the dentist for annual exams and maintained all dental charts in compliance with federal health regulations. Maintained a clean environment of work using infection control measures that were in compliance with all federal and state regulations.  

Dec 2005May 2014

Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge 

United States Army Dental Corps. 

Senior Non-Commissioned Officer for various dental facilities throughout the United States Army. Specialized in case management, time cards, civilian reviews, Soldier counseling and training, Officer training and mentoring, compliance with all local, federal and international safety protocols, inventory control and ordering, staffing scheduling, staff hiring, training of American Red Cross volunteers, community outreach programs, hazardous material compliance, patient scheduling and patient liaison for the dental facility and surrounding community.  Designed and implemented a post wide readiness program to ensure 95% or greater Army Dental readiness for post Soldiers.  Stationed in Fort Lee, Va, Fort Riley, KS and Hohenfels Germany. Special assignments included attachment to West Point Military Academy with special work designing, setting up and integrating  a Dental Readiness Center on Fort Dix, NJ. 


Jun 2014Present

Persuent of BS in Pyschology 

Becker College 

Currently working towards an Accelerated Bachelor Degree of Science in Psychology with a minor in Addictions Counseling.  Current GPA is 3.9 with a projected graduation date of Fall 2015.  

Apr 2007Mar 2010

Associates of Arts in General Studies 

University of Phoenix 

Associates of Arts Degree in General Studies through the University of Phoenix On-Line.  


Time Management 
Innate ability to maintain a high workload while keeping up with deadlines and reports. Demonstrates ability to meet above the standards on all reports and training opportunities. 
Ability to maintain open communication throughout all levels of authority  and effectively communicate and resolve issues as the arise  
Ability to maintain a positive work environment while motivating employees to maintain professional demeanor. Positive enforcement of rules and regulations with group training and instruction, as well as providing employees feedback on performance.  


Mar 2010Present

Dental Management Developmental Course 

United States Army Dental Corps 
Dental facility management and business management developmental skills for the workforce. Targeted personnel actions, GS pay system, disciplinary actions /incentive programs,  Soldier and civilian counseling and annual reviews and patient liaison duties. 
Jul 2007Present

Preventive Dentistry Specialist 

United States Army Dental Corps 
Specialized training in dental techniques and applications. Trained as a dental hygienist for the United States Army Dental Health Care System. Independent provider that worked off the treatment plan provided by the dentist.  Graduated Honor Graduated out of 12. 
Sep 2006Present

Dental Specialist 

United States Army Dental Corps. 
Certified Dental Assistant program. Assist the dentist in daily operations of clinical procedures to include dental x-rays, comprehensive oral exams, restorative procedures, orthodontic procedures, periodontal  procedures to include surgery, oral surgery assistant and administration specialist. Graduated Distinguished Honor Graduate as top of class out of 30. 
Jun 2012Apr 2014

Safety Officer/Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge 

United States Army 
Worked in accordance to the rules and regulations set forth by the United States Safety Center to insure safety training and reports were conducted. Filled accident reports to the Department of the Army Level Command for review and conducted safety inspections on various facilities while stationed with the Bavaria Dental Activity, Germany.  
Mar 2013Mar 2014

Unit Prevention Leader 

United States Army Substance Abuse Programs 
Maintained unit readiness by coordinating random substance abuse screenings in accordance with Army and Federal Regulations. Provided training for all assigned personnel on the different substances found on local economy and the effects that they would have on the body, particularly the oral cavity.   
Feb 2012Feb 2014

Basic Life Support Instructor 

American Heart Association 
Taught United States Army providers the Basic Life Saving skills to military providers prior to be allowed to see patients who sought treatment within the Army Health Care and Dental Care Systems. 
Jun 2012Jun 2013

Equal Opportunity Leader 

United States Army 
Ensured proper training of all subordinate staff and personnel on the Department of Defense, Department of the Army and the Bavarian Dental Activity's Equal Opportunity policies, rules and regulations. 


Dr. Joseph Johnson/DDS 

Dr. Johnson was one of the closest providers that I have worked with throughout my career as a Preventive Dental Specialist in the Army and he was the Commander of the humanitarian mission to Haiti after the 2009 earthquake, a mission that he personally requested my assistance on to be his Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Dental Operations.  Correspondence available at [email protected] 

Terriance Mitchell/ First Sargent  

First Sargent Mitchell was my direct supervisor while I was stationed at Ft. Riley, KS. He has personal knowledge and experience when dealing with both my professional and personal skills as one of his Soldiers.  Correspondence available  at [email protected] 

Further References available upon request.