2011 - Present

Foothill Technology HIgh School

Best Work



HTML Coding

I started coding at the end of last school year, when a friend showed me his website that he had made from scratch and how easy the code actually is compared to other types of code. 


This is my main Photo Editing Software. I use this to edit 90% of my slideshows and photos. It allows for simple organization and has a clean UI. The editing tools in Lightroom are easy to manage and I find the combination of power, speed, organization and overall usefulness all factors that contribute greatly to it's overall effectiveness. 


This is my secondary photo editing software. It is less demanding than Lightroom but is chiseled down to stark functions when it comes to organization and editing. If i ever need a quick crop or adjustment for a photo, I use Picasa. I used to use this software before I used Lightroom. 


Throughout my second year of photojournalism, I have grown as a photographer and a person. I see my photos getting better and better and there is still room for growth in my third year.