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Personal Initiative

I took the intitiative alot during this school year. In this class I have always volunteered for helping someone out and going first to try out different things. In the videos I kept everyone on task. During our movie bit I stopped luke and them from filming pointless scenes that weren't in the movie. I also was always tying to do everything I could to help people out in their films. In all the time I have spent in this class not once did I deny trying something new. When Ms. Henderson askd if someone would help make the steady cam work I worked trying to get both the small and the large steady cam to work. Neither of them did but the fact is that I tryed to make it work. Failed... but tried. This shows I show great initiative in everything I do and if it doesn't work I try again. I don't like quiting no matter the obstacle. If you are looking for an employee that will get the job done no matter what then search no farther. All you need to do is contact me and I will get back at you right away. I am always ready to try something new, always ready to be there when needed, and always ready for a challenge.

Best Work

1. The movie.

Our movie was an amazing movie to be honest. It is a shame we never got to edit it due to technical projects but even just watching the scenes in order on the camera you could tell my group had the best movie. I wish we still had the footage to watch it but due to the camera courupting it there is nothing we can do. 

2. News bit about anime club.

We got to interview the anime club right after it formed and see what exactly it was aobut. It turned out not to be just anime but also japanese culture as a whole. I learned about the music and television just from going in there to interview them.

3. Dancing on the hand

When we did the bit about perception, my dancing made me laugh. It was great. I got to play my orbit in logans hand. Or at least due to the placement and position that is how it appeared. It is a handy trick to learn for future short films I may make.


Trustworthiness. Being trustworthy is something I can relate to. Being a trustworthy citizen is all that I do. I don't lie or cheat because quite frankly I suck at it. I can't tell a lie without laughing so I choose to be as honest as I humanly can. One time I found a wallet in school between classes with two hundred dollars in it. I took the wallet straight to the office. I though of stealing it but that much money has to be for somehting important like someone bying drugs in school. If I took the money the person might hunt me down and that is not something I want to go through. Stealing is a horrible thing. I believe in karma and if I stole, lied, or even decieved people, I would get struck by lightning or something and I don't really feel like being struck by lightning.  So I am the person you want to trust. My actions speak louder then my words so contact me and we can meet up to discuss other things and you will be able to tell my trustworthiness. I promise that all of this will be clear to you when we meet in person I promise. Then you will see that I am the right man for the job and that You will want to hire me.

My Highlight

The highlight of this class was probably when we were doing our bit projects and we took that bus outside the school for a day to get scenes for our movies. I love how the very first thing was not go to a scene location... but to go to macdonalds and starbucks! But after that we went and shot our scenes. My group had all of our scenes at the school so we had no need to go but we had fun playing at the park while othergroups did their scene. I'm glad it got me out of biology and for that I thank you. We were gonna have to disect a fish. D:


I have learned how to efficiently use both aftereffects and premiere pro as an editing software. In this class I have been taught camera angles and the emotional affect they can have on the audience.  The lighting and angles in a shot greatly affect the over all mood no matter what the person speaking is saying. This class taught me how to lead a group dynamic and work hard even when a project is not my idea to make it the best it can be.


Next year I want to be able to survive all 4 of my AP classes. I think this will be a difficult task because I barely survived thi year with my pre ap classes. Still, I will work and make sure that if it is even possible to do then I can do it. Another goal of mine is to get more involved with my school. I want to try and join more clubs and show my wylie east pride as a student so that I can be more informed about my school and what goes on. I have other goals but at the moment those are the two goals that stick out the most and the goals I have to work on the hardest.


I don't really do any clubs in school or anything important outside of school. I wish I did but I could never really get into anything that would keep my interest. I apologize

Rights and Responsiblities

Students play a big part in the production of a movie, expecially in student made films. In these films, students are responsible for the acting, producing, directing, and editiing process in the video.  The only restrictions we as students in this class have regarding making a movie is appropriateness and technology. We have creative freedom in this class.We couldn't for example make a video that involves smoke machines and helicoptershots or a video inculding sex, drugs, alcohol, or anything not deemed appropriate by the school board.  When creating a video each student is asighned a role to play. This can be simply one job as an actor in a movie or multiple roles. Such as the director can be asighned to the editing role as well. For a Porduction to work efficiently though, each person must have a unique individual role so that the jobs don't overlap and are finished on time. This year we had some timing issues. But all of these can be overcome by simple trail and error.