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Work History


Feb 2010Present

Owner & Operator

  • All aspects of classic automobile fabrication and restoration, from jobs as simple as upgrading brakes, tuning a vintage engine, or installing modern wiring harness's, up too complete restorations that encompassed significant rust repair, installation of all new wiring and plumbing, including on rare vehicles that have very limited aftermarket support, i.e., everything had to be custom. Installation of fuel injected engines in classic vehicles, changing of suspension type i.e., creating a straight axle gasser out of a car that originally had independent front suspension, or installing coil spring rear suspension in a truck that originally had leafs.
  • All aspects of body and paint, including rust, dent, and damage repair, primer, base coat, clear coat, wet sanding, and buffing. Installation of new interior components such as door panels, seat upholstery, dash pads, gauges, carpet, etc. Fabrication and Installation of safety equipment such as roll cages, and modern harness/seat belts. 


Apr 2013Present

Shop Foreman

  • The owner would buy and sell heavy equipment. I would look it over upon arrival, direct other employee(s) on what needed to be cleaned, then assess and repair any cosmetic or mechanical issues. Including sheet metal, structural metal, engine, drivetrain, hydraulics, fiberglass panel repair, holes, cracks, missing pieces, etc. Next I would do any required paint work from wheels and fenders all the way up to complete re-paints, and the installation of new decals. Then photograph the machine for the sale ad. The Job also required the ability to operate all types of heavy equipment, large and small, genie lifts, scissor lifts, rigging, towing large trailers with an F-550, etc. I had very little oversight other than an occasional conversation upon the machines arrival, working autonomously and directing coworkers/subcontractors to achieve the task at hand.


Nov 2008Feb 2010


  • Fabrication of chassis for mostly 20's-30's era hot rods and restorations. Installation of steering and suspension components.
  • Complete brake and fuel system plumbing.
  • Installation of all electrical components and full wiring harness installation and termination at said components.
  • Installation of gauges.
  • Installing drivetrain components, engine, transmission, and rear differential.
  • Fabricating Headers with the aid of tubing benders and either hand-made or purchased flanges.
  • Custom building driveshafts.
  • Tuning engines, i.e., setting timing, tuning carbs.
  • Ensuring drivability, setting rear brake bias, clutch and brake pedal travel, proper shifting, proper alignment, and correcting any issues.
  • Sheet metal fabrication of body panels, and rust repair panels, also installation of aforementioned panels.

Custom carpentry/ high-end cabinetry

Jun 2005Nov 2008


  • Working from blueprints to create fine custom cabinetry, counter tops, and other high-end furniture and trim pieces per the designers request.
  • All aspects of fine, custom carpentry, from taking rough sawn stock, planing it, squaring the edges, cutting it to width and length, sanding it, drilling for pocket screws, biscuits, or mortise and tenon, then applying stain and 2 stage lacquer clear.



Sep 2002Jun 2005


  • Apprenticed under the former head of the concept car fabrication shop for Gaffoglio Family Metal Crafters, Fountain Valley, California.

Additional Skills

  • 10+ years of sheet metal fabrication and rust repair experience, including installing replacement quarter panels, floor boards, roof skins, chopping tops, shaving emblems and trim, removing exterior door handles, installing sheet metal cowl scoops, fabricating patch panels for cars with no aftermarket support. Skilled at Mig welding on either the sheet metal or chassis side. Proficient at utilizing a sheet metal brake, shear, bead roller, slip roller, shrinker/stretcher, plasma cutter, oxy-acetylene torch and English wheel to accomplish aforementioned tasks.
  • 10+ years of knowledge and experience in all aspects of 12 volt vehicle wiring, including entire harness installation or fuel injection conversion, adding relays for electric fans, fuel pumps, etc. Adding modern fuse boxes, adding auxiliary lighting or upgrading existing lighting circuits for brighter lights. Installing modern stereos, and electronic gauges. Installing electronic ignition conversions, i.e., Pertronix ignitors, or MSD boxes. Upgrading to modern internally regulated alternators or converting from 6 to 12 volt on classic vehicles.
  • Skilled in all aspects of vehicular plumbing, including converting from single to dual reservoir master cylinders, drum to disc upgrades, rear bias valves, line locks, complete hardline fabrication and installation in mild or stainless steel tubing. Mechanical to electric fuel pump conversions, including replacing undersized factory hardlines with either larger hardlines or braided stainless lines and the associated an fittings. Skilled at flaring and bending hardlines, and assembling braided stainless lines with an fittings.
  • Skilled in all aspects of finish body and paint work on classic cars, muscle cars, hot rods, and restorations. Including using assorted hammers and Dolly's to minimize dents and damage, and to shrink warped areas. Applying any needed filler after getting the sheet metal straight, flat, and smooth. Application of primer and block sanding. Application of base coat and clear coat finishes, and the associated wet-sanding and buffing that can make or break a high end paint job.
  • Have experience using a Bridgeport mill to accomplish such jobs as machining warpage out of rare exhaust manifolds with proper casting numbers, making finned fuel pump block off plates out of aluminum, making remote oil filter adapters to convert engines from canister to spin on oil filters, and fly cuttting vintage carb bases to cure vacuum leaks. Also in conjunction with a lathe, I've made custom yokes for early rear differentials to convert to an open driveshaft, I've used a lathe to machine axle flanges down minutely so disc brake rotors would clear them, shorten driveshafts for custom applications, machine drag links and tie rods for narrowed axle beams, etc.