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Continue growing a passion for, and ability to, create technical solutions that increase a company's efficiency and aid in providing greater customer service, as well as analyzing data and creating reports to drive business decisions and project initiatives.

Professional Portfolio

Photography/Visual Design


• Successfully managed a software quality assurance testing team of 15 members for a large scale project which has the potential to increase revenue by $1.5 Billion.
• Successfully aided in the release of multiple major enhancements through quality assurance testing for multiple web based applications.
• Collaborated with international associates in a successful effort to conform their client hierarchal setup and general client data to the standards that Prudential’s new service system required as part of Prudential’s Global Service Platform initiative. – Required Skills: Data Management and Data Flow.
• Designed a data management system in MS Excel, which organized and analyzed client data ensuring that it fit Prudential’s new SIM specifications and offered greater ease of use. – Required Skills: Advanced MS Excel, Visual Basic, System Architecture, Quality Testing and SDLC.
• Improved Prudential’s data sharing abilities by building a network of linked business documents in MS Excel. This also improved Prudential’s quality controls, automated the source data change notification process and eliminated the need to manually update Prudential’s business documents every time the source data was changed. – Required Skills: Visual Basic, Advanced MS Excel, Quality Testing and Information Sharing.
• Worked closely with many other departments including the Client Reporting Department; developing advanced reports in MS Access and Crystal Reports; maximizing information sharing and ultimately, improving customer service. – Required Skills: Advanced MS Access, Crystal Reports.
• Successfully planned, designed, tested and implemented a fully functional application utilized by the Quality Assurance Team to collect, organize, analyze and report critical interim customer survey data. – Required Skills: Visual Basic, SQL, Advanced MS Access, Quality Testing, System Architecture and SDLC.

Work experience

May 2014Present

Business Intelligence Architect

  • Designing departmental BI and data infrastructure and BI/reporting logic, utilizing state of the art technologies, to provide executive insight into the state of the business, analyzing trends, driving process improvement and creating forecasting models.
Feb 2013May 2013

Test Lead

  • Provide expertise and implement best practices for software quality assurance testing.
  • Produce testing estimates.
  • Manage team member allocation and assignments.
  • Develop dynamic multi-level testing status reports.
  • Develop departmental reporting capabilities.
Dec 2005Jan 2013


Prudential Financial, Inc.
  • Business Analysis & Quality Assurance Testing
    • Creating test scripts and test logs utilizing Business Requirements Documents (BRDs) and System Requirements Documents (SRDs). - Required Skills: HP Quality Center, Requirements Documentation.
    • Testing User Interface (UI) enhancements utilizing test scripts and test logs. - Required Skills: HP Quality Center.
    • Writing defect logs and validating defect solutions. - Required Skills: HP Quality Center, Ontime.
    • Verifying accurate data and data flow. - Required Skills: SQL Querying, SQL Server 2000.
    • Coordinating with business analysts, developers and subject matter experts to ensure the best testing efforts.
  • Project Management, Process Improvement & Visual Basic Development
    • Managing system and workflow improvement projects, unto resolution; utilizing HP Quality Center. - Required Skills: Process Mapping, Workflow, Process Improvement, SDLC, and System Architecture.
    • Developing complex forms and data management systems in MS Excel for internal and external use. - Required Skills: Visual Basic, Advanced MS Excel, Quality Testing and SDLC.
    • Tested workflows for Prudential's new system and wrote a considerable portion of the operating instructions. - Required Skills: Workflow, Process Documentation.
    • Continued to manage the interim customer survey process, system, database and reports, from my previous position, until an efficient hand-off could be coordinated with the Client Reporting Team.
  • Quality Assurance & Database/Application Development
    • Developed the vision for the Quality Assurance team and maximized the associates' work efficiency by strategically utilizing Prudential's available technology.
    • Managed all reporting and database development for both the customer survey process and the internal audit process. - Required Skills: SQL, Visual Basic, Advanced MS Access, Quality Testing and System Architecture.
    • Created both a front end UI (User Interface) and back end database in Microsoft Access to capture, organize, analyze and report customer survey data and internal audit data. - Required Skills: SQL, Visual Basic, Advanced MS Access, Quality Testing and System Architecture.
    • Designed the Quality Assurance team's capacity model calculator in MS Excel, based upon actual time studies.
Oct 2004Dec 2005

Typhan Metal Products
  • Office & Project Schedule Management
    • Assisted customers in creating orders that fit not only their building requirements but SMACNA requirements as well.
    • Worked closely with Typhan's owners to streamline business processes.
    • Designed fittings and full ductwork assemblies in AutoCAD2000.
    • Aided in networking the main computer system.
    • Effectively managed the schedule for all orders.
    • Managed all job reports.
    • Maintained office and shop supply quantities.
    • Aided in manufacturing ductwork when needed.

Education and Training

Received a high school diploma from Highland High School in Gilbert, Arizona, finishing with a 3.8 GPA.
Prudential Financial Training: Microsoft Access Basic, Intermediate, Advanced; Microsoft Excel Basic, Intermediate, Advanced; Project Management for IT Professionals: Introduction to IT Project Management, Functions of IT Project Managers, The Life Cycle of an IT Project and Stellar Service Training.
Participated in an instructor lead course titled: "Lean Sigma in the Service Industry", through GUIDON Performance Solutions.
White Belt ISO/SIGMA Certified.
Met with Prudential's SVP of Operations as well as Prudential's VP of IT on a regular basis as part of a mentor program. Discussed statistical analysis, risk management, Six Sigma, the Project Life Cycle (PLC), the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and process improvement.


Programming: Visual Basic, SQL, Python, C++, C#, ASP; graphic/visual design: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, Dreamweaver; quality assurance, business analysis, data analysis, project management, process improvement, Business Objects, Crystal Reports, networking, mechanical engineering, software engineering, system architecture, application support, building computers, and photography.