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Work History


Executive Pastor

South Fellowship Church

I am currently overseeing and managing the operations and finance of a church of 700 in Littleton, Colorado. My daily responsibilities include leading a staff team of 11 and overseeing 30 employees. 

Management and Supervision

  • Oversee church staff and supervise other pastoral, ministry and administrative staff
  • Individual performance management (goals, reviews, discipline)
  • Organizational planning
  • Work planning
  • Development of policies and procedures related to staff and ministries
  • Coordinate the work of church staff 


  • Oversee business functions of the Early Learning Center preschool, Solid Grounds coffee shop, and the church facility – ensuring financial viability and operational soundness
  • Develop church systems and processes
  • Manage and evolve the church infrastructure and processes for efficiency and scalability
  • Coordinate annual budgeting process
  • Develop and evolve the church’s standard operating procedures and systems

Strategic Planning

  • In concert with Lead Pastor - build an effective methodology for translating church vision and strategy into actionable programs and ministries
  • Develop and maintain strategic direction of the Early Learning Center preschool, Solid Grounds coffee shop, the Center shopping mall and the church facility
  • Coordinate overall church ministry program and planning process Coordinate and integrate overall efforts of church ministries

Marketing Manager

Faithlife Corporation

I had a core leadership team that managed the individuals and team leads associated with each of the following teams. The core team provided oversight, strategy, direction, and human resource management. I had 60 direct reports of whom I was personally responsible. My day to day involved leadership development, oversight, budget management, recruiting, prioritization of projects, performance evaluation, salary negotiation, hiring and termination decisions.

Teams I have managed:

  • Database Marketing Team
  • Partnerships and Advertising Team
  • Conference Marketing Team
  • Logos Marketing Team
  • Mobile Apps Marketing Team
  • Denominational Products Team
  • Community Pricing and Pre-Publication Team
  • Logos Live Products Team
  • Foreign Language Products Team
  • Noet Team
  • Vyrso Team


Teaching/Associate Pastor

Fellowship Bible Church
  • Taught and led main service bi-monthly
  • Director of missions
  • Director of youth ministries
  • Founder and director of college ministries  
  • Founder and director of Internship Program 
  • Guest Speaker at Pathways Church, Denver, Colorado
  • Guest Speaker at Community Church, Leadville, Colorado 

Vice President of Marketing and Sales

Guardian Payment Systems
  • Managed national sales team
  • Managed national re-seller team
  • Managed and spoke at national conferences
  • Designed and created marketing verticals
  • Managed annual marketing budget

Youth Pastor

Fellowship Bible Church
  • Created and led adult volunteer teams
  • Created and led student leadership training program
  • Led mission trips
  • Created and led community missions concept Mission Survivor
  • Led and managed Sunday morning services
  • Trained and led youth worship team 

Community Outreach

Licensed Foster Care Provider, Washington State, 2015-2016

Kin-like Care Provider, El Paso County, Colorado, 2011

It is important in my ministry to be connected to the community. I served and partnered with the following organizations: 

Backyard Bible Club, Goodwill, LaPuente Home Inc, Marion House, Northern Churches Care, One Challenge International, Palmer High School Coffee Group, Pikes Peak Academy, Pikes Peak Community Foundation, Plaza on Platte, Red Cross, Silver Key, Skills for Living, Southern Colorado Aids Project (S.C.A.P.), Springs Rescue Mission, Unite Youth Ministries, View-Point Retirement Community, Vision Trust

Short Term Missions

Alamosa, Colorado 2011, 2012, 2013 (Fellowship Bible Church)

Mission Survivor, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2013 (Fellowship Bible Church)

DOOR Ministries, 2007 (Fellowship Bible Church)

Kenya Africa, 2004 (Skills for Living)

New Orleans, 2003 (Fellowship Bible Church)

Puerto Penasco, Mexico 2002 (YWAM)

Casper, Wyoming 2002 (Habitat for Humanity)

San Francisco, California 2001 (YWAM)

Dominican Republic 2001 (Vision Trust)

May-Pen, Jamaica 2000 (Caribbean Lifetime Missions)

Juarez, Mexico 2000 (Fellowship Bible Church)

Oakland, California 1999 (Fellowship Bible Church)

Hallmark- Created the concept of “Mission Survivor” which partners with non-profit organizations in Colorado Springs to show the love to Christ to the community.   

Worship Leading

Fellowship Bible Church

Worship Community Leader,                                                 2011-2012

Worship Team Volunteer,                                                       2001-2010

Youth Ministry  Worship Team Leader,                                2003-2010  

First United Methodist Church

Youth Worship Team Leader,                                                 2002  

University of Colorado,  Campus Crusade

Worship Team Leader,                                                           2003-2004 


Web and Graphic development experience. Proficient in both PC and Mac Environments.

Fluent in Adobe Illustrator, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash, Indesign, After Effects, Premier Pro, and Final Cut Pro.

Experience in designing, launching and up-keeping websites.

Able to graphically design and publish marketing tools such as flyers, e- cards, videos, web videos and tutorials.