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Work experience

Nov 2014Present

Visual Merchandiser

- Manage specific trends within the store making sure they are both visually appealing and commercial. The ultimate goal is to lead, attract and inspire customers and to ultimately ensure the store meets target. - Within TopShop I am given creative control over how to display the product within the trends. To successfully launch a trend I must consider fixture placement, wall configuration and outfit builds making sure that the product within each area fits within the trend and that I have achieved commercial awareness to maximise potential sales and to adhere to SIBI (see it, buy it.)
Jan 2014Oct 2014

Visual Merchandiser

promote the image, products and services of the AllSaints brand. Create a money map of the shop floor and mannequins to pick out possible chances to generate more sales through merchandising, then create a report of what is working and what isn't, to recommend changes and apply those changes to make an impact for the business. Design instore displays and manequins using the product to push sales. Study customer walk/path and recognise best sellers, placing them in strategic points to maximise sales. Use knowledge of fashion industry to recognise current trends and what is up and coming, promoting the brand.
Sep 2013Jan 2014


As the job title entails, I am to style clients in a way that would always put the clients first and best interest at heart, never being overbearing and always recommending items that would benefit only the client. I was to recognise what is trending, and base assumptions on what would suit the client best. I am to help them around the store, picking out items while also listening to their own opinion.


Sep 2010Aug 2013

2.1 with Honours

Blackburn University

Studying Photographic Media, this course gave me the tools to be able to express my creativity while also in a highly technical environment that would lend a lot of skills into any form of industry I choose, this is why I ultimately chose this course due to the amount of transferable skills I would have at my disposal. 

I enjoy expressing my creativity through the medium of Photography because I believe in that second the the picture is taken, you have that moment for a lifetime. 

During my time at university I traveled to Paris and NewYork with my course and finally for my third year, I moved to London to push myself and my creative career. This culminated in my final exhibition which I curated myself within the venue of my choosing to the theme, StJohns Church in Notting Hill.




Visual Merchandising

A keen sense of current and upcoming trends, being able to reflect that in my merchandising to maximise potential sales.