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Josh Sitter has been the Digital Marketing world for over seven years, starting out as a content and social media manager for a large online community. He is proud that he was able to build the community from under one hundred to over four million. 

After leaving the community, that he helped build, he set off to start Synonymous Media Inc. in Vancouver. His agency specializes in Cause and Content Marketing, where he would work closely with the client to create a personalized campaign that would best work with the client’s brand message.

He is now actively looking to join an agency to put his extensive knowledge to work for brands and clients all over the world.

Work experience


President and Founder

Synonymous Media Inc.

Synonymous Media is a creative digital marketing agency who represents nonprofit and for-profit groups in all aspects of Digital Marketing (websites, strategic planning, social media, branding, SEO/SEM, analytics…) for the clients, with means to develop brand building and profit for all stakeholders involved.


Content & Social Media Manager

Name available on request

Responsible for the social media management and content writing for one of the largest global online activism communities on the internet. Being called one of the for-fathers of online Hacktivism, using his skills as a journalist he took the small group from the shadows to a community known all over the planet.




Loyalist College, Belleville Ontario

The Loyalist College Photojournalism Program is the most comprehensive applied photojournalism program in Canada.

Intensive training in Canada’s only multi-year photojournalism program gives Loyalist graduates a competitive advantage:

• As photojournalists, reporter-photographers, multimedia producers and editors, picture and assignment editors, freelance photojournalists and photographers, and digital publishing specialists.
• Working across Canada in news organizations, ranging from the biggest dailies to smaller weekly newspapers, wire services, websites and other publications.