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With nearly 20 years of sales experience in the infusion services and pharmaceutical industries, Jose Trespalacios has successfully managed a number of multi-million dollar companies in several states. In 1992, he began work with IHS Infusion Services, where he was responsible for overseeing sales totaling $8 million each year. Mr. Trespalacios was also charged with meeting sales quotas and goals, an accomplishment that he regularly achieved. 

In each of his subsequent positions, Mr. Trespalacios assumed responsibility for even larger sales numbers, up to $17 million annually. As CEO of Seratech Inc., he also negotiated contracts for the company to service major healthcare facilities such as the Jackson Memorial Hospital and the University of Miami, both located in Florida. When Option Care Inc. purchased Seratech Inc. in 2004, Jose Trespalacios played a vital part in facilitating the negotiations and final sale. 

Jose Trespalacios also was instrumental in the expansion of Precision Healthcare, where he served as President. Responsible for sales support, administration, contract negotiations, and more, he also created a large customer base in Nashville, Tennessee. Building on the success he experienced in Nashville, Mr. Trespalacios then expanded the company to include a second location in Ohio that was staffed by five additional employees. 

In his current position as Vice President of Reliance Wholesale Inc., Mr. Trespalacios is in charge of the highest annual sales of any company on his résumé. To date, he has implemented structured sales teams and sales management and guided company activities related to marketing. Jose Trespalacios has been instrumental in expanding the company's operations to make it a national distributor of specialty pharmaceuticals.

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