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I recently moved back home to Hawaii and I am eager to start work in a career that both challenges and intrigues me. Although I do not have extensive knowledge regarding the automotive field, I have done maintenance on my own vehicle and I am enthusiastic to learn more. 

Work experience

Jun 2015Apr 2016

Pull Count Team

The Grand Casino Hotel & Resort

We were responsible for all money made by the slot machines. We were escorted by armed security through the casino with a big rolling lock box. The cart that we pushed around always carried in excess of a million dollars and we serviced 10 of these a day. With over 3000 machines, I worked 9-10 hours each day and a minimum of 5-6 days per week. An extensive background check was completed by the Gaming Commission before I was hired. A process that took approximately a month. I worked there for a year with steady hours.  I truly feel that it was a privilege to work in an atmosphere that demanded tremendous responsibility and I am grateful to upper management for giving me the opportunity to do so. However, missing home and my family, I ultimately decided to move back to Hawaii.

Feb 2014Jan 2015



I worked full-time for 5 months picking up 10 hour shifts. My customer service experience from previous work helped me learn fast. Aside from delivering, the drivers were required to multitask by assisting with making the pizza, answer phones, and open and close the store independently. Shortly after being hired, I was appointed as the opening driver for the most part and at one point I was awarded more hours than any other driver. This fast paced work kept me engaged and focused and I view it as a great learning experience. 

Mar 2013Dec 2014


IL Gelato

A private owned business next to dole cannery. I initially applied for the Kitchen helper position but was offered the full time driver position instead. I worked independently 2 days of the week and had an assistant on 3. I was punctual with perfect attendance. The previous driver had quit his job before he could train me, and it was somewhat challenging to adapt to such a sharp learning curve especially because I delivered island wide. I am proud to admit that my self-sufficiency and determination allowed me to complete my trial period independently.  

Feb 2012Mar 2013


Pacific Medical Supplies

This job entailed delivery Medical Supplies to commercial and residential locations. Wheelchairs, oxygen concentrators, walkers and also install hospital beds in the customers home. My job required me to drive island wide, interact with customers in their homes and lift and install heavy equipment. It was a great experience however I moved on to a job that provided more hours. 

Feb 2008Nov 2011

42(alpha) Administrative Personel, 46(quebec) Print Journalist

US Army

I joined the Army when i was 19 as 46Q(Print Journalist). I went to Ft. Benning, GA for boot camp and reported to my duty station in Ft. Meade, MD and worked on base as a journalist for 2 years. I changed duty stations in 2009 to Ft. Jackson, SC where I was qualified as a 42A(Administrative Personnel) for 3 months. I then came back to hawaii to finish time in National Gaurd 103rd Troop Command 96-1210 Waihona St. 

Jul 2010Feb 2011

Stocker/Delivery Driver

Food Pantry Ltd.

I worked in store putting items on the shelves and operated a forklift for incoming items. Also assisted customers with inquiries on specific items. I also drove delivery van to various places in Waikiki, Alamoana, and Ward Ave. e.g Moana Surf Rider, Hilton Hawaiian Villiage.


2010 2011

AC/Refrigeration Certificate

Honolulu Community College

I was a full time student in the AC/Refrigeration program at HCC. I loved my classes but couldn't complete the 2 year course due to financial hardship. I received a letter from HCC stating that im on the Deans List with a GPA of 3.6. I would love to go back and complete it someday.


Highschool Diploma

Waipahu High School