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MSc. Information Security & Computer Forensics

University of East London

IT Law, Digital Forensics, Computer Security, Network Security, Researching


CISCO Routing and Switching - Introduction to networking

Henley College CISCO Academy

CISCO routing and switching technologies, operating system and devices - theory and practice


A 2nd / 3rd Level Support with over 10 years of experience in an International public NGO and local micro SMEs. Specialises in design, implementation, administration and support of computer networks, Windows domains, desktop and server build development as well as Information Security, Digital Forensics, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions.

Successfully supported, designed and implemented solutions for both large global projects as well as small internal projects, serving over 7,000 users across 200 offices in 120 countries. Successfully assessed and implemented an IT security program for several SMEs.

Possesses collaborative team working skills coupled with strong communication abilities, which have been used to build engaging and results oriented team environments. Depth and breadth of technical experience, influential negotiation skills and commercial awareness have been used to negotiate beneficial contracts as well as providing advice on the most effective and cost saving solutions. A self-motivated, challenge driven and committed individual who has effectively taken ownership of issues to ensure customer satisfaction and timely completion of all assigned tasks.

Seeks contract/permanent work being immediately available for both interviews and starts for any UK location

Technical Skills Summary

Productivity / Cloud Office Online / 365 suite, MS Skype/Lync for Business, OneDrive for Business, Intune BYOD Management, Windows Azure

on/off-boarding of cloud resources to users and devices

Security: McAfee ePO and Antivirus, MBSA, Windows Defender, Norton Symantec Antivirus, Sophos antivirus

Malware scanning removal and prevention

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 / 2003 / Vista / XP / 2000 / 98 / NT

Windows Desktop operating systems install configuration maintenance and troubleshooting

Technologies: AD, Group Policy, Security permissions, IAM

Managing identities, access and permissions on network resources

Technologies: TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, WINS, Wireless 802.11x, VPN, LAN / WAN, IPv4 / IPV6

IPv4/IPv6 communication network protocols and configurations

Operating systems: Windows Server 2012 / 2008/2000 /SBS

Server operating systems install configuration maintenance and troubleshooting

Data and information protection

Data protection in store, on transit, file, folder, disk, email, internet browsing, telephony communication using encryption/decryption tools

Languages / Scripting: LoadRunner VuGen

Creating scripts for performance testing using HP Loadrunner suite

MS Exchange Online 2012 / 2007

Email and collaboration online and on prem

SAP, SAP ADK, SAP Solution Manager, SAP batch processing, SAP printing, SAP Basis

SAP ecosystem administration, monitoring, configuration, testing, archiving, user provisioning, roles and authorisations, portals etc

Hardware: HP / Compaq / Dell/toshiba servers, desktops, laptops, HP MFDs printers, multimedia projectors, VOIP devices

hardware installs, configuration, break-fix, component replacement/upgrades

Forensics: Enacse, FTK, Cellebrite, XRY, Oxygen Forensics

Digital forensic data recovery, analysis, reporting, preservation, case management

CA ArcServe, Norton Ghost, Windows Server, Veeam, Netapps

Backup and migration

Languages / Scripting: HTML

Creating websites in HTML/CSS

Security: FTK, Backtrack/Kali Linux, Burp suite, NUIX, LanGuard, Secunia, Belarc, Qualys

Vulnerability scanning and reporting, pen testing

Operating systems: Linux

Linux operating systems install, configure,maintenance and troubleshooting

VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix, Virtualbox



MS SQL server query scripts


Operating system install, configure,maintenance and troubleshooting


   1. Brain Labs Digital, London, UK June 2016

The aim was to repair 4xdesktops and 5xlaptops, upgrade them, setup login credentials to improve security and protect Intellectual property and save money by reusing resources instead of buying new ones.

  • Upgraded PCs and Laptops from Windows 8/7/Vista to Windows 10 Professional
  • Configured Windows user accounts with login credentials and appropriate permissions
  • Removed over 50GB of junk data that was impacting performance
  • Configured windows defender for scanning and protection against malwares
  • Configured Windows auto-updates and updated essential applications such as Java RE, Adobe 

   2 .Real Estate Developer, Coventry, UK.                                Dec 2011 – June 2015

The project objective was to set up a new computer system to help meet growing demands of the organisation.

  • Procured hardware and software, delivered user training on the systems, recovered and preserved data, upgraded business applications, setup network printing and improved system and data security
  • Upgraded legacy landlord management database to newer feature rich version
  • Upgraded Windows XP home edition to Windows 7 professional and later windows 8.1 professional
  • Installed MS Office 365 Windows and Mac IOS devices, implemented a cloud data backup process on MS Office OneDrive for data redundancy and availability across devices and geographical locations
  • Implemented a wireless LAN using WIFI dongles / NIC and extended it using TP-link PoE extenders
  • Enabled and configured security on WIFI router i.e. firewall and IP addressing pools, disabling, uPnP
  • Recovered /securely destroyed data before discarding devices to prevent unintended exposure / loss


Range of WI-FI signals extended entire premises so client could access networked resources e.g. printers, data from anywhere, saving time to move from one location to another. 

   3. Euro Carpets Warehouse Ltd. Coventry, UK 2013

The client, a furniture and carpets wholesaler, needed a health check for PCs, improving security posture, front and back office LANs joined, printing across the LAN, and Office software installation.

  • Cleaned PCs and iOS devices of junk files to free up available resources and optimise performance
  • Installed and configured Windows Defender, Comodo anti-malware tools to improve system security
  • Upgraded Windows XP devices to Windows 7 professional without data loss
  • Setup large HP MFD printers on the network and connected all users to these, improving their productivity
  • Configured dynamic IP network addressing to lower administrative workloads
  • Enabled CCTV web access on the manager’s desktop, thus improving security of the premises
  • Replaced / upgraded hardware components e.g. Wi-Fi Ethernet NIC, memory upgrades resulting in better performance and new features such as security, easy configuration
  • Provided expert knowledge on cloud/mobile technologies to drive costs down and better manage field teams
  • Provided overview to stakeholders on PCI-DSS standards to comply with credit/debit card vendor rules
  • Demonstrated Office 365 presence capability for staff monitoring to clients

 Skills snapshot: Windows SBS Server, Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 / Vista / XP desktop, iMac / iPhone / iPad, SolarWinds N-Able, TeamViewer, Lync / Skype for business, Office 365, Google drive, Dropbox, FTK, Cyber Essentials framework, PCI-DSS framework, ISO 27001 framework, IPv4 / IPv6, MBSA, Comodo Internet security suite, Windows defender, SecuniaPSI, Belarc Windows audit tool, Kali Linux, various brands of broadband routers, TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, AD


Work Experience


IT contractor, London and South East, UK

Self Employed

Available now for contract work


IT Freelancer, West Midlands, UK

Self Employed

A supplier of ICT hardware, software and services for the SME businesses across the UK. Authorised resellers for Microsoft, CISCO, SOPHOS and new accounts are being pursued as we speak.

Contracted on self-employed basis as a 2nd and 3rd Line Support serving several different local SMEs with up to 10 users. Worked solely for the clients. 


  • Provide device / software break-fix support for Windows SBS / Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 / Vista / XP / 98 desktop and mobile devices
  • Give expert knowledge on emerging digital technologies e.g. Office 365 suite, Cloud Storage, Mobile and Web apps to ensure business benefits, e.g. cutting total cost of ownership, flexibility, compliance, ease of setup and increased use by non-technical users
  • Provide remote / on-site support to end users using TeamViewer, WebEx, Skype and SolarWinds N-Able
  • Patch and firmware upgrades for Windows server SBS, Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 / Vista / XP / 98 desktop, Windows / iOS mobile devices
  • Provision of Office 365 suite, SharePoint, Skype, OneDrive, Exchange to 1-10 end users
  • Act as a system admin to Office 365 clients to cover internal IT skill gap
  • Build working relationships with vendors and 3rd party suppliers to provide software licensing and hardware sourcing solutions by attending webinars, road shows and passing vendor exams
  • Implement data backup solutions using OneDrive for business, Google drive, Dropbox
  • Conduct awareness briefings to about 10 small business owners on business risks and benefits of emerging technologies such as Cloud and mobile computing, BYOD, malicious insider issues
  • Promote best practice in security and risk management programs such as ISO27001, PCI-DSS
  • Recover data from inaccessible systems and storage devices using Linux toolset, FTK, Robocopy
  • Perform risk assessment as per ISO security standards to improve IT security management processes thus better meet legal and regulatory compliance and improve uptime and protect customer data.

  Skills snapshot: Windows SBS Server, Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 / Vista / XP desktop, iMac / iPhone / iPad, SolarWinds N-Able, TeamViewer, Lync / Skype for business, Office 365, Google drive, Dropbox, FTK, Cyber Essentials framework, PCI-DSS framework, ISO 27001 framework, IPv4 / IPv6, MBSA, Comodo Internet security suite, Windows defender, SecuniaPSI, Belarc Windows audit tool, Kali Linux, various brands of broadband routers, TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, AD



2nd/3rd Level SAP Technical Support Analyst

British Council, UK

British Council, is the UK-headquartered international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. They operate on 6 continents with over 200 offices in 120 countries.

Employed as a 2nd/3rd Level Technical Support Analyst/ SAP Basis Team Manager at the London head office, to provide support to 1,200 UK end users and 7,000 users globally. Performed a Technical Lead role for a SAP Archiving Project, task-managed 3 SAP Systems Administrators as well as providing technical support to the project team comprising of 100 staff and external consultants. Project delivery founded on ITIL/PRINCE2 processes and methodologies 


  • Provide 2nd level support, 24/7, on-call technical support to end users using SAP Solution Manager / ServiceNow helpdesk and Windows Active Directory and LDAP
  • Liaise with third party managed service providers for problem resolution, procurement and support
  • Raise, log and implement system change requests [RFC] as per ITIL processes
  • Provide support for Windows 7 / XP desktops / laptops e.g. SAP GUIs, McAfee ePO and antivirus, updating and patching SAP tools
  • Configure two-factor authentication using RSA secure tokens for remote and external consultants to improve overall security of the systems and meet compliance requirements via AD change requests
  • Install printer drivers for networked HP printers for SAP users
  • Setup MS exchange 2003 / 2000 mailboxes and access on Windows 2003 domains shares
  • Raise and implement RFCs for users / roles / authorisations and Web AS portal access / Windows 2003 domain privileges for project team and end users
  • Produce proactive heartbeat and performance monitoring reports informing stakeholders of issues and problems thus avoiding / reducing downtimes
  • Designed and implemented SAP Archiving solution using standard and custom objects in FICO, MM, SD
  • Configure and maintain project documentation on SAP Solution Manager ASAP tool
  • Train 8 team members on using HP LoadRunner testing tools for performance testing and reporting for decision makers during pre-golive checks
  • Proactively monitor SAP Application servers, Oracle DB servers, system alerts, audit logs, resulting in improved overall security and availability of the system
  • Troubleshoot problems and prioritise important issues per defined SLAs/OLAs
  • Support with BAU and break and fix activities to improve availability or resources for business

 Project work:

The SAP Data Archiving project was setup to design, test and implement a SAP database archiving system to control and reduce table size and growth, get rid of duplicate/obsolete data, develop a retention scheme to meet compliance needs and make the SAP system leaner and cost efficient. Reported to the SAP Archiving Project Manager.

  • Identified data retention requirements / rules across business teams
  • Designed and configured the SAP Archiving solution based on retention scheme approved
  • Performed configuration testing, organised and conducted User Acceptance Testing
  • Documented the SAP archiving process from design to go-live and lessons and benefits for reference and handover


Delivered the technical design and implementation on time and budget and significantly reduced the overall project costs as the company did not need to use external SAP consultancy costing over UK £700.00 per day

Skill snapshot: Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 / Vista / XP, Exchange 2007, Dell PowerEdge / OptiPlex devices, SAP, HP LoadRunner. LANforge, Norton ghost, RSA Security tokens, McAfee ePO and Antivirus, ServiceNow, TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, Active Directory



1st / 2nd level Systems and Security support

British Council, UK

Employed as a 1st / 2nd level SAP Systems and Security support / SAP Systems and Security Administrator to a project team of over 100 project team members of staff, external consultants, 1,200 end users in UK and over 7,000 users globally. Worked in the technical team of 2 to 9 members. Project delivery founded on ITIL/PRINCE2 processes and methodologies


  • Provide day to day 1st level support for the SAP global rollout project team using SAP Solution Manager Helpdesk for SAP and Remedy for WINTEL landscapes
  • Install and configure SAPGUI clients and McAfee ePO and Antivirus on end user devices to securely connect to SAP data centre
  • Design, configure, assign and support SAP user roles and authorisation as per security and business process requirements
  • Administer the change and release processes on SAP Solution Manager
  • Set up nightly batch processing scripts for various business and technical functions using SAP Basis tools
  • Monitor and report on SAP user licenses using to satisfy compliance requirements
  • Build Dell desktops and laptops on Windows 7 / Vista / XP for temporary project workers using Norton Ghost Imaging technologies and AD for domain and user access processes
  • Maintain documentation repository for all technical team activities, tools, solutions, issues, licenses, inventories on Windows 2003 Server share
  • Liaise with internal IT organisation for issues affecting project team using Remedy helpdesk module
  • Pro-actively monitor SAP Application servers, Oracle DB servers, system alerts, audit logs, resulting in improved overall security and availability of the system
  • Perform break and fix activities, troubleshoot problems and prioritise issues as per defined SLAs/OLAs

Project work:

This SAP Solution Performance Testing Project aimed to create a test bench and conduct performance testing for developed solution before the UK and first global go live. This was to ensure there were no show stoppers that would seriously impact both the project and overall stakeholder perspective. Reported to Technical Team Manager, responsibilities included:

  • Liaised with internal IT support organisation to procure hardware and software for the test rig
  • Built test bench and installed and configured HP LoadRunner
  • Conducted performance tests of the SAP solution and identified issues per KPI
  • Produced test results and report to stakeholders, the issues identified and their impact on go-live plan
  • Trained colleagues on HP LoadRunner scripting, testing and reporting of results


  • Successfully mitigated a software license issue that would have cost over £300,000 to redress
  • First go live in the UK went on date and time stated and was a great success

 Skill snapshot: Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, SAP, HP LoadRunner. LANforge, Norton Ghost, RSA Security tokens, McAfee ePO and Antivirus, Remedy, Dell servers / desktops / laptops, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, Remedy


Earlier Career History


Country IT Manager

British Council Tanzania

Responsible and accountable for IT infrastructure, IT assets, third party suppliers, legal and regulatory compliance, risk  and governance, continuity and disaster recovery to support and maintenance, user support, break-fix, upgrades and migrations, reporting and budgeting, user training and support