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Jan 1992Jan 1998

BFSc and MFSc


Work experience

Dec 2013Present

Research Associate

Mount Sinai Hospital

Development of vaccine candidates against HIV-1 using cytomegalovirus vectors

Dec 2013Present

Research Associate

Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto
*Supervision of Immunology Graduate students research projects *Facilitate scientific collaborations with Kenya AIDS Vaccine Institute and other key partners *Prepare manuscripts for publication * Assist in Clinical Trial protocol preparation * Assist in documentation for Ethics approval for Clinical Trials *Prepare grants for funding *Review external manuscripts and grants Goals attained during this period: 1. Published 1 manuscript in Vaccine (review) as principal author 2. Manuscript submitted as co-author 3. 2 manuscripts in preparation as co-author 4. Obtained approval for Clinical Trial in Nairobi, Kenya
Sep 2012Nov 2013

Postdoctoral fellow and Technical Lead

Donnelly Center (CCBR), Toronto

Development of vaccine candidates against HIV-1 using cytomegalovirus vectors

Development of synthetic antibodies against Ebola Virus antigens 

High Throughput Screening – Synthetic phage display screening (96 and 384 well formats), automation techniques

Nov 2009Aug 2012



Characterization of Glypicans in Renal and Hepatocellular carcinoma


Exceptionally organized and results-oriented research scientist with strong planning, leadership, and analytical skills honed through 17 years of research and postdoctoral experience. Proven expertise in Neuropathogenesis with specialization in vector development, neuro-immunology and neural stem cells; interested in pursuing a challenging and rewarding career in industry to leverage extensive research, critical thinking, and communication skills.


Molecular Biology Experiments in Microbiology and Immunology
• Molecular Biology –quantitative real-time PCR of nucleic acids, southern blotting, vector design and construction, Transposon mutagenesis, • Molecular Microbiology: Virological assays, PCR quantification of viral load • High Throughput Screening – phage display screening (96 and 384 well formats), automation techniques • Cell biology, cell viability assays, flow cytometry, stable recombinant cell line generation, recombinant adenovirus, and lentivirus production and transduction, isolation of neural stem cells and skin-derived precursors • Cell Culture - Experience with primary and cancer cell lines, transfection, and electroporation. • Microscopy – Confocal microscopy, Immunohistochemistry. • Protein Biochemistry - Protein expression and purification, ELISA, SDS-PAGE, western blots, native protein gels, immunoprecipitation • Vector Development and Delivery – Intra-cranial delivery of drugs, viral vectors • Mouse models – EAE and demyelination models