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Josephine Jansen



Currently seeking new opportunities.  Snack Dragon Taco Shack  operated as a highly profitable business in New York City for 10 years.  As Owner and Creator of the Snack Dragon concept,  I designed and built 3 small kitchens and dining areas in the heart of downtown NYC and Williamsburg.  Snack Dragon pioneered a niche of healthy, inventive, inexpensive,  late-nite authentic and fusion Mexican food in NYC at a time when there was none.  As a cult hit I provided the downtown art/music scene and celebrities alike with 4 and 5 star rated food till the wee hours of the night.  I employed a diverse group of creative types who largely stayed with Snack Dragon for up to 8 years.  

 relevant Work History

Owner, Chef, Manager

snack dragon taco shack
Mar 2005Jan 2015

Conceived of, built and launched 3 new restaurants in NYC.  Navigated the demanding logistics of running restaurants in NYC.  On a daily basis worked with purveyors, trained and managed a diverse staff and worked my own shifts.  Working at Snack Dragon was a very demanding multitasking-type job as it was an open kitchen so entertaining the customers was an integral part of the job.  As the Executive Chef, I designed and implemented a menu that was made minute to minute, but was also accessible to the diverse skills of the staff that I hired.  

Head Bartender/Mixologist

Superfine Restaurant
Sep 2001Sep 2005

Bartending, designing new drinks and consulting for a bar in a highly popular new restaurant in Dumbo, NYC

Personal Chef and Caterer

Josephine's fresh feed

Preparing meals for holidays and events for film industry folk and institutions such as Rebecca Schull, MOMA Art Museum and various film sets throughout the years.


Whitney Indendent Study Program

Whitney Art museum

Granted a fellowship through the Whitney Museum to have and work in a studio for a year in Tribeca, NYC.  Was tutored by the current zeitgeist,  while partaking in a rigorous Theory and Criticism Reading agenda.

BFA in Film Production

San Francisco art institute and SF State University

Studied Classical and Avant Garde Film Production.  Was a member of Core Group—A 2 year film production group at SF State.


—Streamlining production of menu items so that non chef types could prepare them.

—Designing recipes for unique and modern Mexican specialties based on personal inspirations during travel and dining out. (Have traveled to Mexico 8 times.)

—Self-Taught Chef. Have been cooking complex recipes since I was a child. Was a line-cook for two years in a busy Denver restaurant when I was 16-17 years old.

—Designing and Building spaces that are efficient for working in. Was a Prop Stylist and Art Director in the Film Industry for years. Own tools.