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Distinguished financial professional Joseph Dostal began his career in 1967. For several years, Dostal worked as a registered broker and eventually operated his own broker-dealer firm, gaining extensive experience with trading securities for customers. Joe Dostal later joined an Arizona-based brokerage firm as the Seattle Branch Manager, a position he held for six years.Joseph Dostal now utilizes his comprehensive knowledge of investment banking and the brokerage industry to serve clients with their various investment portfolio needs. As President and Chief Executive Officer of J Dostal Investments, Inc. in Edmond, Washington, he specializes in maximizing returns for business owners by enhancing the performance of their portfolio equities.Committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, Joe Dostal works to understand each client’s situation before providing the financial information, products, and services necessary. Through J Dostal Investments, he strives to help individuals identify their goals in order to make better financial decisions.In his spare time, Washington resident Joe Dostal enjoys playing tennis and ping-pong with his family and friends. He also spends time reading about worldly events involving finance and politics as well as researching and analyzing corporations and their industry interactions. An alumnus of Seattle Pacific University, he holds a degree in business administration.

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