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Results-Oriented SALES, MARKETING and TECHNICAL Professional with multinational experience  * Track record of rapidly growing revenues, profits, market share, brand equity and customer satisfaction.* 13 years multinational marketing, sales and engineering experience with: 3 global brands: Philips lighting, CEMEX cement & Unilever detergents/foods. * Managed operations in the Philippines and the Asia Pacific region. Coordinated with regional headquarters in  Singapore and Hong Kong and global headquarters in the Netherlands and Mexico.* Proven competence in operations, brand and product management, key account sales, trade marketing, channel management, strategy development and tactical execution in consumer (B2C) & business (B2B) markets. Expertise in lead generation, advertising (TV, radio, print ads, print catalogs, web), sales promotions, customer relationship management (CRM) programs, public relations (PR),  competitive intelligence, research and product development, manufacturing & customer service.* Completed MBA, Marketing Communications, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering degrees. * Exceptional leadership, creative, teamwork, planning, analytical and communication skills.

Work experience

Jun 1994Present


Ateneo Graduate School of Business

Ateneo University Graduate School of Business - Leverages full-time marketing work (day) to enrich learning for MBA students taking night classes (Makati, Cebu). Continuously enhances  marketing skills through teaching.

  • Inspired more than 1,300 students to improve their personal brands using marketing principles
  • Also taught marketing, sales and ethics classes for the Ateneo School of Management (Loyola), Ateneo Center for Continuing Education (Makati), De La Salle University (Manila) and Carthage College (Kenosha, USA)

Country Marketing Manager

Philips Electronics and Lighting

Recruited as Head of Marketing and Member of the Lighting Management Team. Challenged to accelerate top-line growth, deliver bottom-line profitability and grow the leading brand despite unfair competition, a price-sensitive market and regressive government policies.•To address emerging segment opportunities, drove successful launch of 2 innovative products and directed radical revisions in 2 customer loyalty programs. New sales exceeded targets by 20%.•Led demand creation using an annual $1 million marketing budget. Managed communications plan including market research (brand equity tracking, ad testing, price modeling, satisfaction surveys), advertising (TV, print), sales promotions (consumer raffles, bundling, trade incentives), direct marketing (telemarketing, direct mail, catalog, web), public relations (events to influence key opinion leaders & generate word of mouth) & selling support (merchandising, trade shows, lead generation).•Completed disengagement with underperforming distributors (55% of sales) and shifted to combination of direct coverage and new distributors. Reduced channel conflicts, increased coverage & improved sales mix.•In 2006, total revenues grew 18% to $22 million; margins were maintained at 39%. Consumer channel sales grew 12%, professional segment accelerated by 40%. 2007 brand equity tracking showed significant increases in brand awareness (from 94% to 100%), brand used most often (61% to 67%) and brand for next purchase (from 51 to 62%). Brand market share boosted from 29% to 30%.


Commercial (Sales) Manager

Apo Cement (CEMEX)

Selected to lead a "Solutions" Sales Team negotiating with the biggest and most demanding clients: large contractors, real estate developers, architects, engineers and industrial manufacturers. Despite limited volume of product, was tasked to deliver higher revenues, better margins and optimum plant utilization.•Built a solid customer base: won new clients, recovered old clients, cut low-value customers and strengthened long term partnerships with key accounts. Consistently delivered 100% of monthly volume targets for 1 year.  Sold $25 million annual volume representing 20% of company sales.•Closely collaborated with clients to convert to new and higher margin products. Maximized plant utilization at 90-100%. Increased product profitability by 5-10%.


Marketing Manager

Apo Cement (CEMEX)

Designated to create differentiation and competitive value propositions in a commodity market. Revolutionized the market by creating new products to produce growth and increase profitability. Strengthened segment and channel development programs. •Spearheaded the product research, prototype testing and commercialization of an innovative new product in only 3 months. Masterminded the planning and simultaneous execution of key project activities with cross-functional internal teams, public stakeholders and external providers.•Contributed significantly to the launch and growth of 3 higher-margin specialized products that contributed to 50% of total company revenues within 2 years•Promoted alliances with key industry players and customers that increased market coverage, generated customer value, reduced marketing, sales & distribution costs, and increased profits by 10%.


Technical Manager

Apo Cement (CEMEX)

Recruited to provide marketing, sales and technical leadership for a new business division. Product (concrete) was prone to customer mishandling and required very high standards of quality and customer service.  Led technology transfer from global headquarters. Modified strategy and tactics to fit local conditions. Established and improved internal work processes, performance standards and service levels. Provided critical engineering and marketing support to sales teams. Conducted customer training, product research and testing, on-site troubleshooting.• Achieved ISO 9001 accreditation and qualification to major construction projects. Increased sales by 50%.


Marketing Manager (Asia Pacific Region)

United Coconut Chemicals

Challenged to lead sales and marketing for the Asia Pacific region (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand). Competed vs. major chemical companies which had bigger production capacities, lower product cost, and more integrated operations. Pending legislation threatened major revenue sources. Mandated to sell the right product mix to keep the chemical plant running economically.•Successfully sold optimum product portfolio to key direct accounts (Unilever, Procter& Gamble, Colgate) and international distributors. Delivered $25 million annual revenue, 50% of company sales.•Fortified niche positions in key markets by establishing strategic partnerships focusing on areas of competitive advantage.  Effectively campaigned to delay adverse legislation by at least 3 years.


Product Group Manager


Promoted to market 20 food products: margarine, whipped cream, cooking oil and food ingredients used for making ice cream, chocolates, bread, biscuits, cakes and pastries. End-users were households, hotels, restaurants, food service outlets and food manufacturers.•Overhauled the nationally-led marketing program with a breakthrough approach that empowered area sales managers to customize offers. Sales revenue increased by 20% during the first year.•As assistant production manager (1990 to 1991), directed operations of a food manufacturing plant with 60 people working 3 shifts. Achieved volume, cost, efficiency, and safety & quality targets.•Recruited as sole technical management trainee in 1988. Accomplished projects involving quality assurance, research, process development, packaging and operations for soap, detergents and foods



Post Baccalaureate Degree

De La Salle University


Ateneo Graduate School of Business


University of the Philippines