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My name is Joseph DeCarlo and I am a Solution Architect. I decided to enter the software industry in 1989 during college when I realized that despite having a scholarship in drama, my acting skills were not good enough to pay the bills.Joseph spent the early part of his career developing applications in C++. Later he was an early adopter of .NET and continues to stay on the cutting edge of technology. He has worked in several industry verticals including Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Manufacturing. Today, Joseph serves as an architect at Turner Broadcasting System, where he co-leads a product framework team. He enjoys application design and development and advocates service orientation in the enterprise. Joseph works in an agile environment and evangelizes agile methodologies.Joseph has a wife and two kids and lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia.




“I have known Joe DeCarlo for many years. We met in a C++ COM class that I was teaching. Joe was an excellent student. As a result of that work, Joe and I have kept in contact as our careers have progressed. He is now an accomplished Microsoft Architect and is an expert in many of the latest technologies, including the latest implementations of .NET services. I would highly recommend Joe as a Microsoft Architect.”September 29, 2007

Ken Letkeman , President , KnowledgeExtreme, Inc. was with another company when working with Joseph at Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

“I was on Joseph's board reviewing his work and capabilities for the MCA (Microsoft Certified Architect) program. He did a very professional job and demonstrated his skills well. The board was impressed with his work and capabilities.” September 24, 2007

Lewis Curtis , Architect Advisor: Infrastructure , Microsoft was with another company when working with Joseph at Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

“Joseph has proven to be an exceptional technologist. I worked with Joe on a difficult product with an accelerated time frame. Time after time, Joe and his team delivered high quality architecture and software. I've also been impressed with Joe's passion for learning and his ability to train others on complex solutions and methodologies.” September 25, 2007

Noah Oliphant , Software Architect , Avanade worked with Joseph at Avanade

“Joe worked for me as a developer and architect and did an excellent job. He worked well, paid attention to detail and looked at problems from different directions. I would be to happy to hire Joe again.” October 3, 2007

John Turner , Director R&D , Pivotal Corporation managed Joseph at Pivotal

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