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Accomplished and results-driven special education professional with more than 10 years of teaching experience and a commitment to development and academic success. Expertise in implementing differential instruction and extensive work teaching at-risk students as well as students with behavior disorders and learning disabilities. Notable success in providing students with the tools and skills required to build and advance toward a framework of success. Exceptional instructor, focused on development of programs that challenge, motivate and include all students. 


Successfully taught diverse groups of students. Skilled in evaluating needs and developing student-focused teaching strategies, teaching aides, materials and lesson plans. Proficient in involving, motivating and leading students to achieve classroom goals. Provided well-balanced educational experience, exposure to extracurricular activities, and a real-world perspective to learning. Exceptional verbal/written communication skills. Well-organized and detail-focused. Imparted knowledge in a "fun" manner. Able to control large group of young children and create an environment conducive to learning; established good rapport with children. Able to deal with "at-risk" students. Not intimidated by student behavioral problems. Competencies include:

  • Creating/Implementing IEP's
  • Teaching/Student Development
  • Classroom Management
  • Lesson Plan Development
  • Assisting/Coaching  Extracurricular Activities/Sports
  • Student/Classroom Discipline


  • Taught wide range of subjects to as many as 30+ students per class.
  • Created classroom environment that was stimulating, encouraging and adaptive to student needs.
  • Provided tutoring after school hours to assist jr. high and high school students with in need of extra help.
  • 12 years' special education experience includes includes teaching grades K through 12 and teaching students with a wide range of special needs including Autism and learning disabilities. 


California State University San Bernardino, CA                     2011 - Present

  • College of Education: Autism Spectrum Disorder Certification

California State University San Bernardino, CA                     2009 - 2011

  • Masters of Education - Administration
  • Administrative Services Preliminary Credential   

California State University San Bernardino, CA                     2004 - 2007

  • Special Education Teaching Credential-Mild/Moderate Disablities
  • Level II Education Specialist Instruction Credential. Expires: 05/01/2014

California Baptist University, Riverside, CA                            1995 - 2001

  • Bachelor of Science: Biology

Work experience

Aug 2010Present

Special Education Teacher - High School

Lucerne Valley Unified School District
Taught high school students, grade 9-12, with various learning disabilities and challenging behaviors.  Developed and implemented Individual Education Plans for each Special Education student. Created goals tailored to the student's unique needs and abilities. Coordinated with parents, teachers, teachers' assistants, school administrators and board members to generate funding and community support for programs and activities geared for student success.  Modeled, trained and consulted teachers on modification and accommodations to instruction and materials assuring the diverse needs of every student successfully realized. Actively supported teaching professionals on effective work strategies with Special Needs students, maintaining a strong focus on learners with behavioral issues. Facilitated presentations during meetings. Employed diverse techniques to promote active learning including individualized instruction and small-group work. Exercised flexibility within the classroom; addressing students' needs through special accommodations. Additionally, managed and coached high school girls' softball program.
Sep 2008Aug 2010


Basic Educational Services

Assisted students from junior high through high school in the development of reading and math skills.

 Engaged in academic activities with selected students in a one-on-one setting. 

Jul 2010Aug 2010

Administrator Intern/School Principal

Goodwill Education Center
Under the direction of Principal, Lonnie Keeter, completed a one-month Principal internship, focusing on instructional and managerial leadership tasks and collaboration with educators.

Gained the opportunity to work with and to learn from administrators atGoodwill. Through field-based experiences, I was able to strengthen my qualifications and gain experience.

Oct 2009Jul 2010

GED Coordinator

High Desert Homeless Services, Inc.
Administered General Educational Development (GED) preparation class. I lead classroom instruction of students on weekday evenings and preparation of associated course materials. Additionally, I directed all facets of planning, development and on-going support of the GED program including curriculum development as well as providing direct student guidance throughout the class and through GED exam registration and completion.
Oct 2008Feb 2009

Employment Specialist

Social Vocational Services

Engaged developmentally disabled clients and established collaborative relationships directed toward establishing competitive employment in community job settings consistent with client vocational goals.

Developed Individual Employment Plans for my clients and updated it quarterly.

Conducted job development and job search activities.

Aug 2007Jun 2008

Special Education Teacher - Junior High

Victor Valley Unified High School District
Provide one-on-one, group, and direct instruction and support through two assistants. Conducted Functional Behavior Assessments and designed Behavior Intervention Plans, IEPs, lesson adaptations, and modifications.

* Designed individual transaction plans for students transitioning, advancing a grade, and transferring.

* Provided professional development training and modeled teaching techniques for paraprofessionals.

Additionally, assisted coaching the boys' basketball team.

Aug 2005Jun 2007

Special Education Teacher - Middle School

Barstow Unified School District

Managed special education students in collaboration with 6th grade general education teachers to ensure complete compliance with all state and federal special education legal requirements associated with classroom instruction. Taught 6th grade math and science classes. Developed behavior management plans for students and classes.

* Devised curriculum and independently instructed tutorials for special education students. Targeted specific academic and organizational skills areas. Monitored and evaluated student progress and documented achievements on IEPs. Managed annual special education student reevaluations.

* Customized tests and quizzes to meet the needs of special education students. Administered the Iowa Test of Basic Skills; met special needs such as small group settings, requirements for tests to be read aloud, and extended time in taking the test.

* Designed and created graphic organizers and procedural cue cards to aid students with internalizing information.

* Reached out to parents regarding student progress/behavioral issues and conducted parent/teacher conferences.

* Consulted with general education teachers in assessments of students.

Aug 2002Jun 2005

Special Education Teacher - High School

Hesperia Unified School District

Instructed fifteen high school boys with special education needs making the goal to mainstream them back into public schools. Analyzed and developed creative methods for interacting with students as they overcame developmental hurdles. Independently researched and prepared materials to use for daily lesson plans, in-class presentations and discussions. Provided oral presentations and lead class discussions. Used audiovisuals and other materials to aid instruction. Reviewed and compiled information used to establish a curriculum for reading, writing, math, science, life skills and physical education. Lead and Interpreted field trips to museums, aquariums, wildlife sanctuaries and other venues. Prepared report cards, letters and briefing materials using Microsoft Excel, WordPerfect and iMac programs. Routinely scheduled and held meetings during which I was responsible for presenting procedures and policies to administration on issues or ongoing projects. I presented facts and arguments in a logical and concise manner. I confronted and administered discipline for inappropriate behavior. Acquired a keen ability to recognize and deal effectively with alcohol or drug related incidents. I trained and supervised two teachers aides to monitor and direct the students in my absence. I helped foster commitment and a sense of team spirit and was responsible for reconciling conflicting viewpoints and ideas. Possess outstanding ability to communicate with all types of people and maintained positive relationships with co-workers, students and parents. I have substitute taught various subjects for other teachers in the district.Accomplishments include earning the respect and trust of my students and teacher aides. I regularly handled students deemed too difficult for other teachers. Proven capable of establishing open communication with students excessively hostile toward peers or teachers. During 2003 school year, I co produced the play, To Kill a Mockingbird which included coordinating 30 students and teacher participants. It was presented to students, school administration and the public. A review was published in local newspaper. Overall, I offered my students a positive learning experience.
Aug 2001Jun 2002

Special Education Teacher - 9th Grade

Somerset Educational Services

Taught Biology, Health and Basic Math to Special education high school students in a private educational day treatment program. Highly skilled in maintaining an orderly classroom among extremely disruptive, volatile students. Trained to help staff and in-school psychology counselors during crisis intervention and the administering of ‘Part 2000’; a type of physical restraint technique. Prepared weekly progress and quarterly reports and documented daily academic and behavior reports that were sent home to parents. Effectively communicated physical, social, emotional and ethical development into daily class instruction and offered independent living skills training. Creatively implemented drug and alcohol education into my curriculum and participated in structured educational field trips.
Apr 1995Apr 2001

Nuclear Biological Chemical Specialist , Pvt.

Army National Guard

Trained at the US Army Chemical School in Ft. McClellan, Alabama and served in the Co D 2d Bn 185th Armor and HHC 1-160th units. I learned how to decontaminate after chemical, biological or radiological attacks during warfare or terrorist strikes. Five months of instruction included calculating cloud duration and movement, determining attack case and type, downwind distance of hazard area and windspeed estimation. I performed drills involving unmasking procedures, medical support of radiation injury, smoke operations, methods of determining the presence of chemical agents and fighting chemical fires. Upon completion I received title of Chemical Specialist.During military defense training I operated and maintained light armored and 4WD vehicles, 2 ½; ton trucks, HumVees and tanks and frequently transported these vehicles between Camp San Luis Obispo and Camp Roberts with no supervision. I learned wilderness survival tactics, which involved camping in remote areas with minimal or no gear. I participated in war games using M-16’s and live-fire training. I am highly experienced in weapon safety procedures and repairing generators and vehicles and have proven capable of carrying out tasks unsupervised.