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Sound Recording and Music Promotion


About Joe Corazzi

Beverly Hills, CA, resident Joseph A. Corazzi worked his way up to his present position as chairman at Capital Group Inc. With all of the business, finance and communication skills he has picked up throughout his career, Joe Corazzi is charged with being the Capital Group Inc. Telcom specialist and handling the financing for international projects.As a student at the University of New Mexico, Mr. Corazzi immersed himself in the world of telecommunications and economics, two fields that would ultimately prove vital to the success of his career. Corazzi received his master’s degree from the University of New Mexico.With his master’s degree in hand, Mr. Corazzi pioneered the use of multi-satellite and multi-channel cable communication for data, voice and entertainment, a feat that revolutionized the way people communicate with each other as well as entertain themselves. Another one of Joe Corazzi’s great accomplishments was the utilization of international satellites for telecommunications in hotels and motels.In the entertainment industry, Joseph A. Corazzi is credited as one of the founders of the popular Country Music Television network. Mr. Corazzi financed the project and with the Daniels men turned the Network on in the early 80's.When he’s not working, Joe Corazzi still seems to be working. On his days off, Corazzi enjoys music promotion and still spends time as a "for fun” recording artist.

Work experience

Jan 1993Present


Capital Group Inc.
International Project financing and Telcom Specialist. Pioneered Multi-Channel cable and Multi-Satellite delivery of entertainment, voice, and data telecommunications.



University Of New Mexico