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My name is Joseph Boyd. I am a senior at Liberty High School, in Peoria, Arizona. I am an enthusiastic computer builder and soccer fan. I am the Vice President of SkillUSA at my school.


I am a high school student looking to find experience in the IT field.


Cindy Shively

Mrs. Shively was my math teacher for all of the algebra classes that I took at Liberty High School.

Martin Bencic

The CTE Internship Coordinator at Liberty High School as well as the Computer Sciences Teacher. Taught the Game Development course which handled Java and C# programming languages. Currently a Teacher Assistant for him.

Brison Torbert

Dr. Torbert was my teacher for all four of the pre-engineering classes as well as the SkillsUSA Chapter Leader at Liberty High School.

Cover Letter


Thank You Letter To Mr.Bencic

Thank You Letter To Dr. Torbert

Hours Worked

Internship Application

Mentor Evaluations

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Word Processing
Very experienced in Microsoft Office Suite Tools.
Java Programming
Computer Maintenance and Repair